9 practical uses of felt

8 practical uses of felt

Uses of felt 

As you know, felt is a non woven fabric made by compressing and matting fibres together. Anyone who has seen their woollen sweater shrink in the washing machine knows felting. Any woollen material can be felted. Felting is done commercially, at home and with hands using the finest animal hairs.

9 practical uses of felt

Felt is the oldest fabric in use and is made popular by modern-day craftspeople. Felt can be used for crafts, art, for making kids toys and decorative ornaments. Not only this, but it is also considered to be great for kids toys. It is safe and better than plastic toys.

Felt comes in different varieties. Some of the felt is acrylic and another made from wool. Anyone can feel the difference between both by just touching the felt.

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Practical uses of felt

1. Kids toys

Felt is used extensively for making kids toys. Toys made from wool felt are better because they are safe and soft. Kids love stuffies and felt is a great fabric to make stuffies.

Toys made from Merino wool felt are always of good quality because wool felt does not stretch much and comes to its original position. The only drawback is that it shrinks on washing. So you will have to dry clean it.

2. Women accessories 

Everyone loves to look different and wear masterpieces. This is the reason women love to wear jewellery made from felt. Felt balls make pretty earrings and necklaces.

Flowers made from felt enhance the beauty of hairpins. There are endless ways to use felt for creating accessories. The best part is you can make your own necklace or earrings using felt balls. Felt balls come in different colours which make them a good choice for making jewellery.

3. Nursery decor

Felt ball garland can be used for decorating kids room. Also, you can make your own nursery mobile using felt ball garland.

8 practical uses of felt . Felt is a natural fabric

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4. Mobile Covers

It is important to have your mobile protected from scratches and wear and tear. Using mobile covers made from wool felt is a great way to save your mobile as well as the environment. Wool felt is very Eco-friendly.

5. Uses of felt as wall Panels

Felt sheets can be used as wall panels to make the soundproof rooms. Acoustic panels are able to absorb the sound and make the rooms insulated from sound. Not only this, but they can also be a decorative addition too.

6. Home decorations

Felt is an ultimate fabric for creating decorative pieces. If you are a crafty person then the options are endless. If you love colourful cushions, you can use felt balls to enhance the beauty of cushions by attaching them on the sides of cushions. Felt trivets can be colourful additions to your home décor.

7. Felt ball rugs

If you love felt fabric then I am sure, you will be equally in love with felt ball rugs. You will agree with me on this one that rugs are a single piece of décor that can change the looks of a room. Felt ball rug can be a colourful addition for adding extra colour and warmth to your house.

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8. Holiday crafts

Felt can be easily customised, easy to use and can be made to shapes easily. These properties make it a great fit for making holiday crafts. Many crafts can be made for  Christmas, New year and Valentine’s day using this fabric. Crafters make Christmas ornaments, cute Valentine’s day hearts and home decorations for celebrating the special days.

9. Photography is one of the uses of felt

Felt ball garlands can be used as props for creating beautiful photos. The colourful felt balls provide the colour required to click beautiful photographs.

Felt is the fabric which can be used to freshen up the home decorations, in kids pretend play and for many other practical uses.

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