How to make felt owl

How to make cute felt owl

How to make cute owl felt toy

Felt is easily available, and affordable fabric to create crafts. There are a lot of things you can create with felt like cushions, wall art, DIY ornaments for decor, I mean the possibilities are endless.

Fluffy toys are also a super cute addition to this list of crafts. Felt balls are another cute product which can be further used to make decorative items.

How to make felt owl

Felt is easy to cut and sew. It is easy to use a needle to create the designs of your choice. And the best part is the colours of felt. You always have lots and lots of colours to choose for your crafts.

This is so easy to use that even kids can make crafts from felt after learning the basic skills. Moreover, toys made from felt are considered to be safe as compared with plastic toys.

You may have come across cute crafts while checking social media such as Pinterest and other craft websites. I always find these little colourful owls to be very cute. I thought why not make a tutorial for making a little cute owl out of felt.


  1. Colourful felt fabric. You can choose any colour depending on your choice. Here the colours of felt are green, hot pink white, black and golden yellow.
  2. Paper for design: You will need a paper and pen/pencil to draw the pattern.
  3.  A scissor to cut the design and fabric.
  4.  Needle for sewing
  5. Embroidery floss of colours similar to the felt colours used
  6. Glue gun

How to make cute felt owl toy

Instructions for making the cute owl felt toy

  • Draw the patterns on paper and start with cutting the patterns on paper.
  • Place the cut pattern on the fabric. Pin the cut parts with the felt fabric. Then cut the fabrics according to the patterns.
  • Here the main owl body is made of pink colour. Feet with golden yellow and cut out a small golden yellow triangle for the nose.
  • What you can do now is, stitch the green part on one of the main bodies of an owl.
  • Stitch nose of the owl on the white part with a straight stitch.

felt owl toy

  • Glue the black eyes on the white part. Make eyelashes of the owl with three black stitches.
  • Then stitch white part on the body of the owl.
  • Now, attach the feet of the owl and wings at the right place. And stitch both the sides of the body.
  • Also, attach the ribbon on the head of the owl while stitching the body of the owl.
  • Stitch the body of the owl with the straight stitch and finish the owl.

How to make felt owl

Practical uses of felt in daily lives

These little owls look cute and pretty. They are soft to touch. You can use them to hang on the wall to give a colourful look. Or kids can use them to play. Anyway, felt owls are cute and beautiful.

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