Different types of felt wool

Types of felt for creating crafts and felting

Felt is a natural fabric which is made from the hairs of animals. There are many types of felt for creating crafts and other materials.

Different types of felt wool

Different types of felt

Do you love to create felt crafts? If yes, you might wonder how these felt products are produced so that they can be used to create beautiful felt crafts. Felt is a beautiful fabric created from natural fibres by pressing, matting and compressing the natural fibres.

First, it is important is to learn what is felting?

What is felting?

Felting is an ancient form of textile art which is even older than weaving and spinning. It is the process of creating felt by combining and compressing the natural fibres or hairs with heat, moisture and a lot of pressure. It is a labour-intensive process but results in a dense product which can be used in many ways.

The most common fabric used for felting is wool. Wool is an ideal fabric for felting as it is soft and natural. Sometimes wool is mixed with synthetic fibres to improve the product. Adding synthetic fibres makes felt more resilient and sturdy.

Origin of felt

Felt is an ancient fabric and is used in many cultures. Its origin is debated as every culture has its own story of origin but it is believed to be originated in Asia around 5000 years ago. Or we can say that it originated in the cultures who domesticated sheep.

Felt is even used now by nomadic people to make tents, rugs, clothes and traditional yurts. Felt is a very good insulator.

Types of felt

There are a few types of felt namely pressed felt, needle felt, woven felt.

Pressed feltĀ 

Pressed felt is the oldest form of felt which is made by compressing and interlocking the wool fibres or the combination of wool fibres as well as synthetic fibres. This type of felt is made by the use of heat, moisture and pressure.

Needled felt

Needle felting is one of the types of felt

To make needled felt, wool fibres are interlocked by using needles. This is done by machines having a lot of needles to interlock the fibres. It is a simple process which is used to make cute fuzzy felt animals and much more.

It seems to be difficult but actually is a simple and easy technique used by craft artists.

Woven felt

Woven felt is made by weaving the wool onto a cloth and then pressure is applied to the woven material. It produces a good quality fabric which is commonly used for door seals.

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Wet felting

Wet felting is the most common process of creating felt from wool and other animal hairs. Warm soapy water is used along with agitation and compression which helps wool or fibres to lock together to form a fabric.

Uses of felt

Felt is used for creating many types of products which can be used for crafting, decoration and other uses. Felt is a good heat and sound insulator. It is used

  • By felt craft artists
  • To make felt balls
  • In cars and automotive
  • Indoor sealings

Properties of felt

As we know, felt is a natural product made from natural fibres. It has got few properties which makes it suitable for many residential as well as industrial uses. These properties make craft artists love felt more than anything else.

  • It is a good heat insulator
  • Sound resistant which makes it a good choice for musical instruments
  • Will not unravel when cut
  • Felt retains water, wicks oil and other liquids
  • Resistant to wear and tear

Felt balls to create crafts and beautiful decorations


Felt is a beautiful fabric which can be used to create decor pieces, felt balls, decorations and art pieces. You can check felt products here for your crafty endeavours.


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