DIY Cozy Felt Ball Rugs for Your Home!

Nothing makes a home cozier than a bunch of homemade accessories crafted by yourself. Amidst this chill and wintery weather, one finds themselves longing for a warm living room to rest in with a cup of hot chocolate. Felt Ball Rugs are an easy DIY project that would add a lot of warmth and comfort to your room during wintertime, and a fun pop of colour in the summer!

Making your own felt ball rug might seem intimidating, but after we show you how the process goes, we guarantee you that a very easy and smooth experience!

You will need:

  • A collection of 2 cm Felt Balls, which you can order here
  • A needle
  • A Fishing line, or extra strong sewing thread
  • Scissors to cut the thread

And so, without further ado, here are the steps to making cute and cozy felt ball rugs for your home:

1. Buy Quality Felt Balls from Glaciart One: Try their Felt Pom Poms!

You can find our best-selling high quality felt balls on our products page, order an assortment of colours according to your preference. Depending on the size of the rug that you want, you can order the number of felt balls anywhere between 500 to 10,000 felt balls! This, of course, depends on how big you want your felt rug to be. Glaciart One offers 1,1.5, and 2 cm Felt Pompoms of all colours! We suggest you pick the 2 cm pom poms for your rug!

2. Thread a 40 mm Needle

Using extra strong thread—or a fishing line—thread a 40 mm needle and secure the thread by tying it around the eye of the needle. You will be sewing the felt balls together.

3. Create the Heart of Your Felt Rug


Pick the colour pattern you wish to follow. You will start off by threading together a small number of felt balls, let’s begin with 10 balls. Run the thread or fishing line through the balls, securing the thread by tying a knot at the end of the last felt ball.  Afterwards, you will run the thread back again through the line of balls. Once again, Secure them.

After you have done so, you will assemble the line of balls together by curling them to form a small and contracted circular shape. Cut the thread and start with a new one. As you curl each ball to form a swirl, thread the balls together to keep the centre intact. Then, to make sure it is 100% secured, run the thread from the first ball on the outside of the circle, until the thread reaches the ball in the centre. This will be the center of your rug.

4. Line Your Felt Balls and Finish Your Felt Rug


Using a new line of thread, run the needle through a higher number of balls. If you started out with 10 balls, the second line will be made out of 15 balls. In future steps, always increase the number of felt balls to fit the perimeter of the round structure you have created. However, instead of sewing the balls in one bundle, you will start attaching each ball to a corresponding felt ball in the center piece.

Every time you finish the outline of the circle, cut the thread, start a new one, and run it through a new and bigger line of felt balls. Keep doing that until you reach your desired size of your new handmade felt ball rug!

After you’re done with your first handmade DIY felt ball rug, you can pick up the remaining felt balls to embark on another exciting DIY Felt project! Stay tuned to our blog to experience more Felt excitement!


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