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DIY Felt Mobile Cover

We all know how much our mobile phone plays an important role in our daily life and today we can’t imagine our life without our mobile phone. The phone is making our life very simple, but what will happen when we give our phone a classy look? Yes, here is DIY to make a felt balls phone cover which is very easy and gives yours phone an amazing look. When I have made this for my phone I thought I should definitely share it with you. I hope you will like this. So let’s have a look:  

Prepare components for the phone cover

This DIY is very simple and easy, we will not need to have so many accessories for this. We just need :

  • Back phone cover
  • Felt balls
  • Glue
  • Gloves additionally
  1. Take back cover of your phone: Take back the cover of your phone: you can choose any kind of plain back cover for your phone either it is plain or colorful. Remember your phone’s edges will always appear after the decoration with felt balls So picks a color which you like most or if you, not a fussy person then you will pick any color.  Alright, once you decide the cover color then will take the next step. Now we will start making felt balls mobile cover and for this…
  2. Take some felt balls:  take different colored felt balls in different sizes. You can make balls yourself or purchase it. These balls are not so costly. With these balls, you can make many other things that will also share those ideas with you guys.
  3. Paste felt balls on the cover:   In our next step, you may select the different colors of the balls which you like most and after that with the help of glue start to paste these felt balls on the mobile phone cover. Glue can stick with your hands and fingers so, for extra care, you can wear gloves. As we know some glue are very hard they can damage our hand skin. So friends choose a good quality of glue or if it is possible then please ware gloves before to making this DIY.

At last, your phone case is ready to use. It will enhance the grace of your phone, you will look trendy and elegant. So, friends, I hope this DIY will help you to make a beautiful mobile case. Try it yourself. You can add some extra effort to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Also, a cover not only gives a good look to your phone but it protects from the damage too. As we know how a phone is an important part of our life and this DIY of a mobile phone case will work in both ways. Either for protection and for a good-looking too. So why do we buy a costly mobile case when we can make it easily by using some felt balls.

I hope it will help you to give your phone a new look. Thank you.

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