How do you make felt ball coasters (Ultimate guide)


felt wool coasters made from felt pom poms

Felt balls can be used to create so many beautiful items and felt ball coasters are one of them. They are easy to create and enhance the cosiness of your home decor.

What are felt ball coasters?

Wool felt balls also known as felt pom poms are generally felted sheep wool that has been rounded out into a sphere shape.

A felt ball coaster is a product that can protect tables and other hard surfaces from liquids caused by condensation from beverages. This is created by selecting each felt ball and weave them into shape with a mending agent. Crafts like these are originated from the Himalayas from Nepalese traditions.

Not only are felt coasters useful, but they are also enjoyable to create! They bring home some additional color pop. Additionally, the whole family can enjoy making these simple fun crafts from the comfort of their own home. This is a perfect project to begin during the global 2020 Covid-19 quarantine.

Benefits of crafting from home

felt ball coasters

Arts and crafts can benefit an individual greatly. It has been proven that stress levels and high blood pressure can be decreased by activities such as making crafts.

Having a hobby in the craft department brings the proper balance of challenge and creativity to the table.

Furthermore, when people create their own crafts they are saving money in the long run. Being able to create their own items like a “coaster” for example, can prevent them from running to the store to waste precious dollars purchasing an expensive set.

When an individual creates their own coaster they are doing so by how they want it done. Delivering uniqueness and craftsmanship to their very own product. As a result, the individual can create their own craft the way they want it with the customization necessary.

How do you make felt balls coasters –Ultimate Guide

Felt ball coasters made at home

The first thing to ask oneself is “where are felt ball coaster materials purchased from?”. Social distancing can make any shopping a chore. Most places and businesses are closed because of this. For those who love arts and crafts, this can be a huge problem.

However, there are places where a craft enthusiast can purchase the products they need. There are places online that have these materials available and sometimes sellers will sell kits. The big named hobby enthusiasts shops are still open for business online believe it or not.

An individual can purchase anything they need online and hassle-free.

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When purchasing materials be sure to not to stick to a single color or style. During crafting an individual can realize they want to mix it up a bit. Be sure to order a variety of styles and colors when ordering crafts online. It would be a shame to wait another few days for craft supplies to arrive.

Supplies needed to make felt pom poms coasters

The supplies needed to create one wool felt ball are, 2-2.5 cm centimetre of wool felt materials. Be sure to order enough. Remember, for a standard coaster size it could take about 80 to 120 balls depending on the coaster size and shape.

For every coaster be sure to purchase a cork coaster. A cork coaster can provide extra insurance on the product being made.

This can assist the coaster to provide moisture protection on hard surfaces when people place their drinks down. (cork pad)The last material needed is E6000 glue. This glue is different from normal glue because of its adhesive formulated properties. It is designed to meet high standards for industrial requirements.

E6000 glue is proven to be a non-flammable product that acts as a powerful bonding agent. Furthermore, this product is waterproof, which is perfect for creating coasters. This glue delivers flexibility and is paintable which makes this product overall the best crafting glue to use for crafts like these.

DIY Pom Pom coasters

To begin this project always remember to start from the middle and work outwards. It is wise to begin gluing one wool felt ball at a time to the centre of the cork coaster.

How to make felt ball coasters at home

Gluing the wool pieces down can be easier if a wood skewer is being used to place the glue where it should go. Placing the glue on where the wool pieces should go will make this project a messy-free experience for anyone.

This will prevent tedious clean up afterwards and provide the craft enthusiasts a clean space to continue working in. Putting the glue directly on the cork material can make this project clean and simple.

Felt ball coasters

As a side note, it is wise to let the glue dry completely before working with the other rows of wool. Stopping and allowing the glue to dry can prevent the felt pom poms from smearing glue all over the place.

Individuals and other craft enthusiasts found it to be easier to work on these wool coasters periodically throughout the day. This project works best when done patiently.

Wool ball coasters have the best finishing results when done with patience and care. When an individual works too hastily on the project it can be sloppy and messy. As a result, can waste time, materials, and the craft enthusiast’s overall patience. It is wise to do it correctly the first time and take it easy.

ultimate guide to make felt ball coasters

The final steps

When continuing to work all the way around the coaster be sure to take time to make sure the felt balls are placed correctly and how they are wanted. The individual should do this until the whole coaster is completely covered with the felt wool material.

Be sure to place each ball incredibly close to each other. This can help make the cork coaster disappear underneath the vibrant colors of the wool materials.

Having the cork material exposed can ruin the whole look on the coaster so keeping the cork color hidden is ideal to create the illusion of pure wool felt coasters

As soon as the coasters are finally dry they are ready to be used for everyday use. They can be used for both hot and cold drinks. They will protect tables and other surfaces from condensation from cold beverages and the heat from hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

completed felt ball coaster

Remember, these coasters can be easily customised. Any shape and color are all up to the individual. Having fun and creating unique touches on this project can make it much more enjoyable than it already is. If you like this and enjoy felting, check out our article on

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