How to make felt balls heart garland for Christmas and valentine

The best decorations that you can have or make are ones that serve multiple purposes. Most decorations can only be used for one holiday, however this heart felt garland can be used year round. It is easy to make felt balls heart garland for Christmas and valentine celebrations. This heart felt garland is ideal for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even as an everyday decoration for a girls room or a nursery room.
How to make felt balls heart garland for Christmas and valentine

How to make felt balls heart garland for Christmas and valentine

This fun and easy to make garland will help brighten your home and help spread love throughout the house. Here are some simple steps to help you make this incredible garland.

What Materials Will You Need?

Felt ball

In order to make this garland you will need a piece of string about nine to ten feet long, an embroidery needle, about 20 to 25 felt balls of various colors and six to eight felt hearts. The felt pieces, both the balls and hearts, should be about one inch in diameter.
You can choose to use smaller or larger balls and hearts depending on the size of your home and your tree. For instance, if you have a larger home it may be more appropriate to use larger felt pieces, and if you have a smaller home you can use smaller pieces.
The length of the garland can also depend on the area where you wish to hang the garland. You may decide to measure the area first with a tape measure to ensure that the garland is the exact size you want.

Choosing the Right Colored felt balls heart garland for Christmas and valentine

How to make felt ball heart garland for Christmas and valentine
Choosing the perfect color scheme for garland can always be a difficult decision. The best thing about making your own garland, as opposed to simply buying it pre-made, is that all of the decisions are in your control. If you are looking to make Valentine’s day garland you may want to use felt balls in colors of whites, pinks and reds.
If you want to use the garland for Valentine’s day and for Christmas, you may choose to use whites, reds, and light grey. The decision is completely up to you.
How to make felt balls heart garland for Christmas and garland
Before starting the process try to lay the colors together to ensure that they are what you want. You may even decide to lay out the entire garland on a table to get an idea of how you want the materials spaced out and organized before actually starting to sew them together.

How To Make The Felt Balls Heart Garland?

Once you have gathered all of your materials and you are happy with the colors and designs that you have chosen, you can begin to assemble the garland.
How to make felt balls heart garland for Christmas and garland
To assemble the garland you first need to thread the string through your embroidery needle and tie a small knot at one end. You can choose to leave a small loop at the end to help you hang the garland once it is finished. After you have a loop and a small knot you can begin threading on the first ball or heart of your choosing.
Thread the needle through the felt piece and bring it to the end knot. Once the ball is at the end you need to tie another knot after the ball to help keep the ball in place once it is hung up.
Make felt balls garland for Christmas and valentine
After the first ball is threaded and securely in its place you can skip about an inch and tie another small knot. Then use the needle and thread it through the next piece of felt. Bring that felt piece to the knot and tie another knot immediately after the felt.
felt balls
Then, skip another inch and continue the process of threading the felt piece and tying knots. This process should continue until all of the felt pieces are fully threaded onto the string. Once you are finished threading the felt hearts and balls you need to tie a knot at the end of the string with a small loop. This loop will also help you hang the garland.
How to make felt ball grland
The finished product should have two small loops at each end of the string, about 20 or so felt pom poms and about seven or so felt hearts. Each piece of garland will look a little different. You can experiment with the spacing of the felt pieces, the colors and sizes of the felt, as well as the ratio of balls to hearts that you use. This garland is sure to be a unique decoration in any area of your home.

Best Places To Hang Garland

After making garland, you may be trying to decide where you should hang it. Fortunately, this garland is very stylish and will look amazing in almost any room of your home. If it is Christmas, you may want to hang the garland on the Christmas tree. If it is any other time of the year you can hang the garland above a fire place, around a door, over a bed, or around pictures.
Other options may include laying the garland on a windowsill, on an entertainment stand, on a dresser, or around candles. There are endless options for places to hang or lay garland.
This garland is a wonderful addition to any home because it can be used throughout the entire year. You can change the location of the garland throughout the year to help keep each room looking fresh and new.
Try moving the garland from the living room to the dining room and to a bedroom each month. This change of scenery will make you appreciate the decoration more and keep you excited to make more
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