20 diy felt ball crafts

20 Stunning DIY crafts made with Felt Balls

I love DIY felt crafts and I love felt balls. There are many crafts you can make using felt balls. The most recent hot trend is using felt pom poms in house decorations as well as fashion design. From soft garlands, fun coasters, and chair pads to classy earrings, necklaces or rings, using different colors that suit your needs.
The season for gifts last all year round, so feel free to use these ideas to create a unique present for someone you love. Let me know what do you think!

1. How to Make Felt Balls Pouffe

Everyone is always looking for a special and one of a kind piece of furniture that they can add to a room. One of the best ways to add style and character to any room is by adding an ottoman or a pouffe. You can make your felt balls pouffe at home.
DIY Crafts made with felt balls

2. How to Make Felt Balls Tree

Felt balls are tiny, soft, and bouncy craft materials alternatively referred to as felt pom poms. You can make a beautiful felt balls tree in a pot easily at home. Making these balls will only require average creativity to organize color patterns for making different items.

DIY crafts made with felt balls

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3. How to Make Felt Balls Cushion

One of the biggest problems with sitting down in chairs is that they are uncomfortable. Chairs are often hard to sit on and can lead to back, bottom, and even leg pains. The easiest way to prevent this pain from occurring is to use a cushion or a pillow on your chair. Create your own cushion by learning how to make felt balls cushion (pillow) at the comfort of your home.

Felt balls cushion

4. How to Make Felt Balls Coasters

Felt balls can be used to create so many beautiful items and felt ball coasters are one of them. They are easy to create and enhance the cosiness of your home décor. Not only are felt coasters useful, but they are also enjoyable to create! They bring home some additional color pop. Additionally, the whole family can enjoy making these simple fun crafts from the comfort of their own home.

Felt ball coaster

5. How to Make Felt balls Baby Mobile

You will learn how you can make a nursery mobile using a round or arch-shaped wooden mobile frame. But let me tell you a secret; you will love making a hanging mobile because it is hassle-free.

Felt ball mobile

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6.How to Make Felt Balls Dream Catcher

I never knew what a Dreamcatcher was until I saw the beautiful beads in a mall while on a shopping spree. They were so cute and attractive, crafted artistically to make adorable items. I got interested in having a closer look, inquiring about the prices, and perhaps asking how they make them. Surprisingly, the seller at the store was also a crafter. I got the idea why not make a felt ball dream catcher.

felt ball dream catcher

7. How to Make Felt balls Curtain Tie Backs

Are you struggling to hold back your curtains in seconds? The felt ball curtain tie backs offer a stylish solution of holding your curtains without the need for tools. They will add an eye-catching touch to your room. The Curtain tie backs garner a lot of attention on account of the material the sewer used.

20 diy crafts made with felt balls

8. How to Make Felt Balls Rug

Nothing makes a home cozier than a bunch of homemade accessories crafted by yourself. Amidst this chill and wintery weather, one finds themselves longing for a warm living room to rest in with a cup of hot chocolate. Felt Ball Rugs are an easy DIY project that would add a lot of warmth and comfort to your room during wintertime, and a fun pop of color in the summer!
felt ball rug

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9. How to Make Felt Balls Letters

Felt ball Letter decorations make a place look beautiful. A recent form of decoration that is becoming quite popular is the use of decorative letters to customize rooms. Decorative letters take different styles of typography and involve different colors depending on one’s tastes and preferences. Felt ball decorative letters can add some spice to your walls and enhance the décor.
felt ball letters final image

10. How to Make Felt Bulb Garland

One of the hottest trending designs for homes today is string lights. String lights allow you to brighten up any area with simple light bulbs. While these are a great option for many people, they will run up your electricity bill for only appearance purposes. If you are looking for an alternative to costly string lights, you may have found the answer.

felt bulb garland

11.How to Make Felt Balls Chair Pad

Are you a big fan of creating something by yourself to give a fresh look to your home? Why not make your own felt balls center panel for your chairs? Using felt to enhance your chair’s look can give you a kitchen or dining room set that you can truly be proud of and eager to show off to guests.

diy felt crafts made with felt balls

12. How to Make Felt Ball Wreath

One of the most sought after trends in home decorations is a front door wreath. A front door wreath allows every homeowner the ability to decorate their front door for the season or the upcoming holiday. Let us make felt ball wreath by sewing method to decorate the home.

Felt balls wreath

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13. How to Make Felt Ball Garland

When we think about garland many of us think about the holiday season. While homemade felt ball garland is a great addition to any home during the holiday season, it is also a great addition at any time of the year. You can use grand in any room of your home. It is an ideal way to add color and texture to any area of a home. They are a fun way to spice up any area.
Here are 5 simple designs that cover all year needs:

how to make felt ball garland
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14. How to make Felt Ball Wool Ornaments

If you love decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments, but you are tired of using the same ornaments year after year you can try something new this year. While the traditional glass and plastic Christmas balls make every tree look great, they are not unique in any way.

20 DIY crafts made with felt balls

15. How to make Felt Ball Earrings

Have you been looking for the perfect set of earrings but are unable to find ones that you truly love? Designing your own earrings allows you to create a unique piece of jewellery that will go with any occasion. Not only will designing your own felt earrings allow you to look great and stand out, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

How to make Felt Earrings
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16. How to make Felt Balls embroidery

Learn in this tutorial how can you make your own embroidered felt balls. Learn this simple technique to embroider felt balls and make these puffy pom poms to look more beautiful.

felt ball embroidery

17.How to Make Felt Ball Necklace

Finding the perfect necklace to match your outfit can be a difficult thing to do. Every woman is looking for a necklace that can stand alone and make a great fashion statement. Jewellery, however, can get expensive and can look very similar to other people’s jewellery. If you are looking for a one of a kind necklace you can actually make is your own using felt beads. These felt balls allow you to customize your jewellery to make a stylish, colorful, and unique piece of felt ball necklace.

felt ball necklace

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18. How to make Felt Ball Mobile Cover

We all know how much our mobile phone plays an important role in our daily life and today we can’t imagine our life without our mobile phone. The phone is making our life very simple, but what will happen when we give our phone a classy look? Yes, here is DIY to make a felt balls phone cover which is very easy and gives yours phone an amazing look.

felt ball mobile

19. How to make Felt Balls Handbag

Handbags are a great way to show off your personality and your style. They can be used to carry all of your necessary belongings but can also be used to set a great first impression. Unfortunately, most handbags cost a lot of money and can leave you stressed out. Make your own felt balls handbag and flaunt your style.

DIY felt crafts made with felt balls

20. How to make Felt Ball Christmas Decoration

If you are looking to add in a personal touch to your decorations this year, you may be looking for ways to create your own felt Christmas decorations . You can make these ornaments on your own or invite family and friends together for a craft party. Either way, here are some fun and innovative ideas to help you make the perfect ornaments for your Christmas tree.

felt ball ornaments