What can I use instead of garland on Christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is a favorite pastime of most families. We love decorating trees with anything and everything, but the most beloved decorations are always ones that you make yourself. Using other ornaments to decorate instead of garlands on Christmas tree is also one of the method you can try.
If you are looking to make your own ornaments this year you should highly consider using felt pieces.
A traditional felt decoration is garland, but if you are looking to do something more unique you should try making felt balls stars and felt and wood ornaments.

What can I use instead of garland on Christmas tree

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Making Felt Stars

To make felt ball stars you will need to get 30 felt balls, very strong string and a needle that is large enough to see through the balls.
Use felt balls ornaments instead of garland on Christmas tree
Try using Christmas colors for the felt if you want added holiday cheer. If you would rather have different balls you can choose any colors that you like, but make sure the colors look good together.
Instead of garland on Christmas tree
To make the stars you should start by tying three knots on one side of the thread. The thread should be about 3 feet in length. Once you have the knots tied, see through twelve of the pom-poms.
Use felt ball ornaments instead of garland
Once you have seen through the twelve balls arrange them onto a circle and see the thread through the first ball again. This gives you the beginning shape you are looking for. Next, you need to work on the points for the star.
Each point on the star will be made up of three balls sewn together.
felt ball ornaments
Use the thread from the first ball and sewn on three more pom-poms. Arrange the balls into a triangle shape and see the thread back into the inner circle to maintain the shape.
Repeat this process for the next five points on the star. When finished, your star should have a small inner circle with six total points. Finally, you need to add an ornament hook to your star.
Instead of garland on Christmas tree
You can do this simply by attaching a hook to the place in between your balls. You can also leave some of the thread at the end and tie it into a small hook. Both ways will work perfectly for your needs.
If you want to have stars of different sizes you can choose to purchase felt pieces of all different sizes. This allows you to add some texture and style to your Christmas tree. Try experimenting with colors as well to find ones that match the interior of your home and your other holiday decorations.

Making Felt Ornaments With Wood


Another very popular and fun decoration you can make for your Christmas tree is one made out of felt and wood. Wood accents are a trending feature in the home and it pairs great with felt. This ornament is easy to make, unique and resembles a snowman.
felt balls
To make these ornaments you need felt balls and wooden balls with a hole in the center of different colors and sizes. You will also need string about two feet in length and a needle. The best thing about these ornaments is that you can make them the way you want. You can change the patterns and colors to fit your exact desires. These ornaments is a great option to use instead of garland on Christmas tree.
Felt ball ornaments for Christmas tree
Once you have all the materials gathered you can start designing your ornaments. Try some ornaments with three balls to resemble a snowman and others with five.
To begin making the ornament you can start with your first ball, either wood or felt.
Sew the string through the ball and then around again so that it cannot slip off the string. Then, see through the next ball and another ball or more.
Once you have all the balls that you want in the string you should tie a knot at the top and close to the edge of the final ball. Then leave some room for the hanging loop. Finally, tie off the string to the previous knot and discard any leftover string.
Instead of garland on Christmas tree
Repeat this process as many times as you like to get ornaments of various sizes and styles. Try making some large and some small to add character your tree.

Why to make your own Christmas decorations?

There are endless reasons as to why someone would like to make their own holiday decorations, but one of the best reasons to make your own decorations is to bring the family together. These ornaments can be made with the entire family, from young children to grandparents and everyone in between.
Little children can choose colors while the adults do the sewing. This is a great way to bring people together during the holiday season. Another great reason to make these ornaments is so you can get the exact colors and styles you want for your home.
You can pick out every detail and get a one of a kind ornament on a budget.
All of your guests will be sure to ask about the ornaments and you can be proud to say that you made them.
One other benefit to making your own ornaments is that you can give them out as presents. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give family, friends, and neighbors these ornaments make the best gift.
They are affordable, unique and thoughtful and anyone would be excited to get one to hang on their tree. If you are looking for the perfect decorations to add to your tree this year, you have found them. These are trending and stylish designs that are sure to make your tree stand out and get you in the holiday spirit
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