How to make felt balls handbag to add style

Handbags are a great way to show off your personality and your style. They can be used to carry all of your necessary belongings but can also be used to set a great first impression. Unfortunately, most handbags cost a lot of money and can leave you stressed out. Make your own felt balls handbag and flaunt your style.

How to make handbag using felt balls

If you are looking for the best handbags to match your clothes and your personality, you should consider making your own felt balls handbag.

How to make your own stylish felt balls handbag

Let us have a look how you can make your own handbag using felt balls. The best part about this is that you can chose the felt balls according to your choice.

What Materials Do You Need?

Felt balls and a bag made of felt are the prerequisites for making a handbag.

How to make felt balls handbag

When making your own felt handbag your will need to gather all necessary materials. First, you should look for a premade handbag that is made of felt. Using a premade felt bag will help the pom-poms stick better and will allow you to get the overall function you want.

There are many different handbags on the market so find one that matches your lifestyle. Once you have a bag in the correct style you can begin gathering the other materials. You will also need s hot glue gun and felt balls. The balls can be of any color you want and should be about a half inch in diameter.

Try experimenting with different colored felt pieces until you find color schemes that match your outfits and overall style.

In addition, try experimenting with different sized felt balls. If you want you bag to stand out use large and small balls together to create contrast and design.

Choosing the Right Style

Choosing the right style for your handbag can be a difficult process. You should try to first pick out the color scheme you want and then decide on the style. The best thing about making your own bag is that the choices are completely up to you. This gives you the ability to make a one of a kind bag.

If you want a bag that will match any outfit, you may choose to use blacks, whites, greys and tans. If you want a different bag for a specific outfit, you can choose a color scheme to match that particular outfit. Before starting the bag you should determine if you want the bag to be one color, variations of one color, or completely different colors.

Try sketching out a bag and coloring it to determine what you like best. You can use this drawing to help guide your creative process.

How can I make felt handbag

How To Make A Felt Ball Handbag

Once you have the colors picked out you can begin gluing them onto the handbag of your choice. Pick one spot of the bag, preferably the outside edge, to start gluing on the felt pieces.

Gluing the felt balls

Once you glue on the first ball continue gluing on more. Keep the balls as close together as possible to prevent the bag from showing through the balls.

Once you finish one side of the bag you can move to the next side of the bag. Continue gluing the pom poms onto all sides of the bag until the bag is fully covered in balls. If you notice that some areas between balls look bare you can add some smaller bags to the gaps by using hot glue.

Handbag made of feltballs

Other Handbag Ideas

One of the best things about making your own felt balls handbag is that you are the designer and the creator. You can choose your own colors, size and style. When looking to take on a challenging design you should sketch your ideas on paper first.

After sketching ideas you can also lay out the balls on a flat surface to understand how the colors and patterns will look before you hot glue them onto the bag. This will make the process of gluing much quicker and result in less mistakes.

Some creative and stylish ideas that you may choose to use are polka dots or stripes. If you are trying to follow a pattern like these you should glue all dots of the same color first and then use all the other colored felts second. This helps ensure proper spacing before gluing. You can use different sized balls for these colored felt pieces to increase the texture and style.

Try using balls that are close in size to allow for contrast but to also ensure cohesion. Another stylish techniques that you may want to use is outlining.

Felt balls handbag to match your dresses

You can outline your handbag in different colors to help highlight your bag and style. If you are using this design you should glue all the outline felt pieces first and the glue on all the inside pieces. When looking to give these handbags as a gift you can add a person’s initials to the bag. Try using different colored balls and gluing the initials onto the bag first. Then glue all the other felt pieces to the bag.

How to make felt balls handbag

When making your own felt ball handbag you first need to choose the bag. If the bag hangs against your body you do not need to glue the felt pieces to the side that will touch your hips. The balls may come off easy when the rub against your clothing. Glue balls to the exterior of the bag that people will see.

Finding the perfect handbag is a difficult and often costly thing to do. Using felt pom poms to make your own bag will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you create a one of a kind bag that will stand out in any crowd. Try using different design techniques to give you the bag you have always wanted.

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