How to make Felt Balls cushion (Pillow)

One of the biggest problems with sitting down in chairs is that they are uncomfortable. Chairs are often hard to sit on and can lead to back, bottom, and even leg pains. The easiest way to prevent this pain from occurring is to use a cushion or a pillow on your chair. Create your own cushion by learning how to make felt balls cushion (pillow) at the comfort of your home.

How to make felt balls cushiob

How to make felt balls cushion with the colors of your choice

You will need a few raw materials to create this bright cushion, that are easily available.

Raw Materials Needed to make felt balls cushion


Raw material for cushion

If you are looking to make your very own chair cushion or pillow you will need to assemble all of your materials. Some of the materials that you will need include a hot glue gun, sewing machine or sewing needle and thread, about two hundred felt balls, a felted fabric (about two feet by two feet), and stuffing for the pillow.

The stuffing that you choose to use can be any soft scraps that you have laying around your home. You can use scraps or wool, cotton, or other material that would be comfortable to sit on.

Let us start Making a Felt Ball Cushion

To begin making your felt ball cushion you first need to determine how large you want your cushion to be and what shape you want it to be. You can opt to have a circular, oval, square or rectangular cushion.

Try to think of where you will be using it most and then decide on the shape and size. For instance, you may decide that you want to make a square cushion that is one foot by one foot.

To do this, you should trace out a one foot by one foot piece of felted fabric. Cut out the shape and then sew together three out of the four sides. Leave the fourth side open so that you can stuff it with material.

How to make felt balls cushion

Once you have the pillow stuffed with any material of your choosing you can sew up the final side of the pillow. Try sitting on the pillow to determine if it is firm enough for you to sit comfortably on. If it is you can move on. If it is not firm enough you may need to take out some of the stitching and add more stuffing material to the pillow until you are happy with the pillow.

How to make felt balls cushion

Once you are happy you can begin gluing the felt balls onto the pillow. It is recommended that you use felt fabric for the pillow because the balls will glue very nicely to felt. If you do not want to use felt, you can always use another material, but be sure that felt will glue onto it well.

cushion final product

When gluing the pom poms onto the pillow start in the center of the pillow and work your way out. This ensures that the balls are as close together as possible. The closer the balls are together, the less chance there will be of the balls falling off.

If you are looking to make a unique and one of a kind pillow, you can use different colored felt balls. You can randomly glue them onto the pillow or make a pattern or design of your choice. Try sketching out the design you want before gluing to make the gluing process easier.

After you have successfully glued all the balls onto one side of the pillow, you can think about whether or not you want to glue balls onto the other side of the pillow.

Since the other side of the pillow will likely be facing away from people it is not necessary to glue balls onto that side. However, if you plan on moving the pillow from place to place and using it for a variety of different options you may want to glue the other side also. The choice is up to you and is completely a personal preference.

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Benefits of Making a felt ball Cushion

Making a chair cushion or pillow is one of the absolute best things you can make with felt pom poms because it can serve many different purposes.

Even if you make this pillow to sit on the chair with, you can use it later as an accent piece on your couch or bed. Making your own cushion also allows you the added convenience of taking the pillow with you wherever you may go. You can use the pillow at home or you can take it with you to a tailgating event or other activity.

If you plan on using your cushion for on the go purposes you may want to consider sewing on a small handle for easy carrying. You can pick one side of the pillow and sew on a small handle using the left over felt fabric. This will allow you to easily carry the pillow from one place to the next, even if your hands are full.

Making your own cushion or pillow allows you to get the exact design style, shape and size that you want. It can be very difficult to find a cushion that appeals to you so making your own can solve this issue.

Also, making your own cushion allows you to make the pillow to the exact firmness that you desire. You can add or remove as much stuffing as you want until you are happy with the cushion you will be sitting on.

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A felt cushion or pillow is a wonderful way to help alleviate pain, increase comfort, and add a unique touch to your home. You can make cushions for all chairs or your home or solely for the chairs that you use most frequently. No matter how many you make, you will likely need to make more because your friends and family are sure to ask for one for themselves.


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