How to make Felt balls center Panel ( Chair Pad )

Are you a big fan of creating something by yourself to give a fresh look to your home? Why not make your own felt balls center panel for your chairs?

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to dress up your chairs and to make them more comfortable, you should highly consider using felt balls. Using felt to enhance your chair’s look can give you a kitchen or dining room set that you can truly be proud of and eager to show off to guests.

How to make felt balls center panel

Let us see how to make Felt balls center Panel(Chair Pad)

What Materials Will You Need?

Felt ball centre panel, chair pad

To make a center panel or chair pad for your chair you will need a variety of different materials. You will need a hot glue gun, tape measure, about 200 felt balls, and a small sheet or other material.

Felt balls

The felt balls should be about half an inch in diameter and can be in any colors that you choose. The material that you will glue the felt balls onto can vary. You can cut up a small sheet into the appropriate sizes or buy a felted piece of material from the store.

Try using an old sheet or pillowcase around the home if you are looking to make this fun and creative project on a budget.

Designing Your Chair Pad

How to make felt balls chair pad

The first thing you should do is to determine which colors you want to use. You can choose any colored pom poms that you want. Try using at least three different colors for your chair pad to add some contrast to the design.

You can choose to use all rainbow colors or an eccentric pattern or use colors that are all within the same color scheme. For instance, you may choose to use a light gray, medium gray, and dark gray for a more modern design. Once you have an idea of the colors you want to use try placing them together in a circle to determine if you like them together.

If you are happy with the colors you can move on to actually making the chair pad.

Steps you need to make a Center Panel?

 chair pad

Cutting the piece of fabric

To begin making the center panel or chair pad you first need to cut the piece of fabric or sheet into a desirable measure. Try cutting out a 12 inch circle or square, depending on the size and shape that you want. A 12 inch panel should fit on most chairs.

Once the fabric is cut into the right size and shape you can start gluing the pom poms onto the sheet.

How to make felt balls center panel

Start Gluing the felt balls

Try placing a felt ball at  the center of the pad or you can start by gluing felt balls from outside towards the centre. You can use your tape measure to help you find the exact center of the pad. Glue your first ball and then start working out from there. Grab your next felted piece and glue it as close to the middle ball as possible.

Then, continue gluing more and more balls onto the sheet. Remember to get the balls as close together as possible for the best outcome.

Your circle should gradually get bigger and bigger until all of the sheet is covered. Once the sheet is completely covered you can give the pad a few hours to dry properly. Once fully dried, lay the pad onto the chair of your choice. If the pad fits good onto your chair and you are happy with the overall design and style of it, you can begin making more chair pads for the other chairs that surround the table.

Benefits of Making a Felt Ball Center Panel

There are many benefits to making a felted ball center panel. Not only will it make your chairs look stylish and unique, but it will also serve a functional purpose.

Chair pads make the chair softer to sit on. The chair pads are also easy to clean and keep clean. You can easily wash the pad with a soft and damp washcloth to remove any stains or crumbs. This in turn, helps keep your chairs cleaner.

Design Tips

When looking to create this one of a kind piece you may decide to try out your skills. One of the best design tips that you can use when creating a chair pad is to make a chair pad with your last name initial on it.

For instance, you can make a huge A on the chair if your last name starts with the letter A. To do this, you should glue all the balls that would make the letter A first. Then, you could begin to glue down the rest of the background colored balls.

Making personalized chair pads are a great way to make them feel more personal and unique. Using different colors will make the initial stand out more and give an extra added touch to the already amazing project. This makes great holiday gifts and wedding presents for those looking to make homemade and one of a kind gifts.

If you are looking to test your artistic skills, you may decide to try other patterns and designs. You can try to make striped, polka dot, and criss cross patterns.

When making patterns it is typically best to try and glue down all balls of the same color first. Then, you can move on to gluing the other colored pieces. This allows for an easy transition from one color to the next. It also helps you make fewer mistakes and helps you create a project that you can truly be proud of and excited to show off.

Felt chair pads are a very unique way to add color to any room. No matter what style you have in your room, you can create a one of a kind chair pad to enhance your overall theme. Your guests and family will love the idea of having a chair pad to sit on and will likely ask for you help to make their own.

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