How to make felt balls wall hanging mobile

Making felt balls wall hanging mobile is easy if you follow the correct steps. The first step is to decide the number of dangly arms you have to use on your mobile. How to make felt balls wall hanging mobile The process of making a felt ball hanging mobile is long and might seem a daunting task. Many people will end up giving up on the idea before even thinking about it.The article explains how you can make a nursery mobile using a round or arch-shaped wooden mobile frame. But let me tell you a secret; you will love making a hanging mobile because it is hassle-free.

Let us make felt ball hanging mobile

Follow these steps, and you will be surprised at how easy it is for you to make a baby mobile project.

Material needed to make felt ball hanging mobile

The very first thing you need to make felt ball mobile is the different colored felt balls.

felt balls hanging mobile Pencil and paperThe first step before making any design is to come up with a sketch. You will use a pencil and paper, but ensure what you see makes you happy. How to make felt balls wall hanging mobile Balls and beads -You can choose plenty of decor items for your DIY project. Some common items to choose are polka dot, felt hearts, felt glitter balls, and balls.They are available in different colors and shape for you to choose from.It is recommended you mix the balls in sizes from 1cm to 2.5cm.If larger balls are favorable for you, you can add 3cm balls. Depending on what you like, the mix can include balls with different color beads such as silver, gold, or glitter attributes. So, that is entirely your choice. Check at your sketch and see the particular balls that will perfectly fit your design plan.


Choose any thread or cord but ensure it is strong enough but not too thick. Your frame to use in the DIY project should have holes with about 1mm. It will allow your thread or cord that is less than that thickness to fit perfectly. The recommended cord to use is white nylon for the felt ball mobiles.

felt ball mobile Mobile frame This item is among the most critical in your project. Choose wisely the type of mobile frame you’re going to use in your project.There are different designs of mobile frames you can use. However, the arch or circular shaped mobile frames are common types most people use. The arch-shaped is simple, and after you hang it, the mobile frame will balance naturally. felt balls hanging mobile Yarn needleYou can use any needle that should allow you to fit the cord through its head and the mobile frame holes. Measuring tape-it is another essential tool to have in your project. After you complete your sketch, bring the measurements into reality.

A pair of scissors

You can choose any scissors. The scissors will help you cut the cords or threads and at the last stage of your project. Marker pen-Any kind of marker pen is acceptable. It will help you to Mark your cords on the points you will make your knots during the project. You now know the materials you need to do your project. Here are the steps to follow.

 1. Draw an arc on paper

 When making a felt ball hanging mobile, it similar to other DIY projects. You have to draw and plan on your sketch board. You can even use any paper to help you achieve your desired results. Draw your sketch at the top half of your paper. You don’t have to consider any rule; the important thing is to get the shape you desire.

 2. Folding and Marking Spots

Felt ball wall hanging mobile Fold the paper to give you imaginary lines. When you have these lines, its time you mark your points. On your marking, show clearly the spots on your frame, where the vertical lines will cross the frame. When done, start to draw the cord for your felt ball mobile. You can draw vertical lines on the marked places from your frame to those places you marked earlier.

 3. Preparing Strings/Cord for Cot Mobile

When you check your design, you have indicated the desired length of your cord in each felt ball mobile section. However, always add 30cm length from the desired length when you’re preparing your cords.

4. Making a knot at the bottom of each cord

At the end of one cord, you have to make a double knot. While making a knot, you have to make a loop close towards the end of your string. Repeat it to make the last knot and should be on the same spot near the first knot. Do that to all your cords.

5. Making a Garland

felt mobile Pick one of the cords you have prepared above. Choose your balls having the right colors for you to make your first garland. Thread your cord from the side without a knot and yarn through the needle head.

Pick the first felt ball and then sew it through its center and pull it up to the knot. You can then thread your needle underneath at the point where your cord comes out and make a tiny loop. Move the needle away from that knot to tighten the loop.

Choose another ball and follow the same process with a spacing between 4-5cm or your desired distance. You have to repeat the same process with the other cords.

6. Hanging Felt ball garland on your mobile

Felt ball wall hanging mobile

Choose the garlands you want to hang with the balls. Before you can thread your cord on the frame hole, always make a tiny knot with the desired length from the top ball.

Use a thread or a needle to put through the hole until you come to the knot you made at the top part and tie around the frame. Repeat the same process with all the other felt ball garlands.

7. Finishing the felt balls wall hanging mobile

After completing the above steps, make adjustments by sliding the balls up or down until you get the desired design. Use your pair of scissors and cut the excess cords. 

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