felt ball dream catcher

How to make Felt Ball Dream Catcher

I never knew what a Dreamcatcher was until I saw the beautiful beads in a mall while on a shopping spree. They were so cute and attractive, crafted artistically to make adorable items. I got interested in having a closer look, inquiring about the prices, and perhaps asking how they make them. Surprisingly, the seller at the store was also a crafter. I got the idea why not make a felt ball dream catcher. 

While making them, colors and patterns could be incorporated to give more incredible looks. They would resemble marbles, used in making necklaces and barrettes.

However, I was more attracted to the Dreamcatchers hanging on the wall of my friends house. These are small hoops similar to a string or yarn, decorated with feathers and beads. They would comprise of wooden hoops or rings.

Dreamcatchers are believed to have good spirits and may prompt good dreams. They capture evil thoughts and let good dreams flow while one is asleep. Most people use them as a lucky charm and trace their origin in North America. You would either buy or make some for yourself.

Here are instructions on how to make a modern Felt Ball Dreamcatcher

Raw material for making felt ball dream catcher

Materials needed to make dream catcher

  • Felt wool. It comes in different colors and shades. It is also cheap and readily available.
  • 3 Containers for some warm water, hot water (soapy), and 1 to be empty.
  • Some hot water.
  • A pair of towels.
  • Scissors and dish soap.
  • Wooden Tethering Ring.
  • Pliers and scissors.
  • 20mm Felt Balls
  • Embroidery Needle and Floss.

Procedure 1. Making A Felt Ball

1. Cut the wool into three lengths or depending on the piece you buy, its width, and the size of the ball you want. How to make felt balls

2.Using your fingers, stretch the wool apart to make it look like airy cotton candy. Look for dark spots by holding the piece against some light and spread the pieces until there are no more visible dark spots.

3. Transfer some amount of dish soap into an empty container and add some hot water. Make sure the water is not too hot to render it untouchable with your hands.

felt balls

4. Dip the stretched wool in the soapy water one piece at a time.

How to make felt balls

5. Place the yarn in your palm and twist it using your fingers. It will bring the edges into the middle and wet the felt wool. Continue doing so until the thread forms a rough ball shape.

6. Place the loose wool on an empty container as you pour hot water over it. Doing this makes some side of the ball wet while the other one remains dry. Place the wet side on top and pour hot water over it, making the soap move to the lower dry side.

7. Roll it gently while adding some hot water to make the wools tighter and ensures that fibers are more connected. In the process, avoid letting the wool get soaked so much by squeezing out some excess water. Also, maintain using the water while warm.

NOTE: Sometimes, the tight ball may develop cracks due to the wet wool’s fast-rolling to form the ball faster. In case this happens, divide the ball into two sections where the gap is and take out some of the thread—separating leaves some strings on one side. Roll them to make both sides connected again.

8. When the cracks disappear, and the wool forms suitable shapes, roll them until when you get your desired shape. Press the yarns between your fingers to establish whether the amount of thread you started with is right. It shouldn’t be too compressible.

9. Continue rolling the wool to make it form a ball again until your hand ends up with some foam. Rinse them using water and leave them to dry. You will notice that they expand as they continue to dry.

Procedure 2; Making a Felt Ball Dream catcher with felt balls

How to make your own dream catcher

1. Cut and set aside nine hanging strings of your choice length and cut three sections of the thread.

felt ball dream catcher

2. Tie all the cells of the embroidery threads onto the ring. The cells should be in a knot. Place the balls in your arrangement around the ring. How to make felt ball dream catcher at home 3. Thread the needle from the first section with the embroidery floss. You can use pliers to string them.

4. Please make sure the floss is stringed to all the thread sections and space them out. Cut off the excess and knot tie them at one point. dream catcher

5. Add hanging strings at the top of the ring and hang your DIY felt ball dreamcatcher at your choice places! Congratulations! Now you have a felt ball dreamcatcher for your home. You can consider hanging them in your bedroom, on the balconies, or at the house entry points. People also place them inside their cars for protection.

felt ball dream catcher

Using felt pompoms and a needle kit, you could also mix them with some beads, feathers, berry springs, or any other item of your choice.

Felt Pom poms are small and decorative. They consist of fibrous materials, and they could make chains or festive garlands. The more creative you are, the more you discover more shapes and more designs to add to your dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatchers are often circular. Most artisans, however, make up some with different patterns and shapes. You can also make cozy coasters, probably by using different colors and designs of your choice, and fix them on your dreamcatcher.I

n the whole project, be careful and slow. Taking things faster may produce unwanted results, and this may disappoint you.

Note that, however much your anxiety might be, don’t give up and work to the end. It may take some time to learn on perfecting the art.

I hope you make yourself the best of this and discover more styles. Try as many times as possible and find fun in the project. Once you perfect your craft, no one will deceive you on the prices, make, or durability. Remember there’s always a first time in everything. Who knows it may end up being your favorite hobby.

This tutorial will help you make your own felt ball dream catcher.

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