How to make stylish felt ball Curtain Tie Backs

Are you struggling to hold back your curtains in seconds? The  felt ball curtain tie backs offer a stylish solution of holding your curtains without the need for tools. They will add an eye-catching touch to your room. The Curtain tie backs garner a lot of attention on account of the material the sewer used.

How to make felt ball curtain tie backs

You will be mesmerized by how visitors are carried away by a few simple items they notice around your home, and they can help build them. The  trendy  felt balls  curtain tie backs make the curtains hang neatly and keep your curtains away from activities in the room and increasing light in the place.Generally, they give a fantastic look of the curtains. It is suitable for all kinds of room curtain decoration. In other words, you can change the room you use at a time when you get bored because the yarn balls come in different colors and designs.

Raw materials to make felt ball curtain tie backs

Felt ball curtain tie backs • The felt balls or you can make your curtain balls using roving• Two skeins of embroidery floss, if doubled up the better• A needle• A pair of scissors

Making the Balls Using Roving

The balls usually are very appealing, soft, and bouncy. For best results, purchase the wool roving because  it’s washed and combed, therefore, very easy to roll into balls. The wool comes in different colors, and choices range from vivid bright tones to pastels. The variation in color gives you a great range of fleece to make the balls. Decide on the colors of the wool roving that will beautifully blend with the color of your curtains. If your room already has a color theme, it will be easier for you to create the suitable curtain ball. Using a pair of scissors, cut pieces of wool roving in equal measure so that the yarn balls end up uniform in size.

 Hot water and soap


The process involves dipping the pieces of wools roving into the warm, soapy water and shaping them into balls. Fill the bowl with some hot water, and then add a few drops of dish soap.

making pom poms

Have a second bowl, and fill it with cold water. Alternatively, you can have two sinks with two compartments.

Using some rubber gloves, dip loose pom -poms into the soapy water, roll the pom-poms around between your palms in the hot soapy water. To achieve the most uniform and smooth spheres, spin the balls slowly and methodically while this can take a while you need to be patient and tactic.Once formed together, dip the ball in cold water and keep rolling well until they look better.

 The drying process

felt balls

Once you are in content with the sphere shape for all the balls, gently squeeze out the excess water; place the wet felted balls onto the drying rack. If you encounter any cracks, hit the ball to reshape it then add some hot water again. Each felt ball gets to dry for about 24 hours, or so it can completely dry out and ready to be threaded.

Creating felt ball curtain tie backs with pom poms

If you want to skip the process of making  pom pom balls using wool roving and wet felting method and save time, you can purchase the felt balls here

Start threading


How to make felt ball curtain tie backs

Begin by arranging your curtain balls in the way you will string them. Choose the colors of the yarn balls to supplement the colors of your curtains for a stylish look. Double up the embroidery floss to the desired length and strung the ball on by using a needle.

Felt ball curtain tie backs for decor

The needle should pierce through smoothly without any issue, keep your fingers out of the needle’s path, and it’s pretty easy. Just make sure the needle pierces the center of the yarn ball. The felt holds the string well enough that its more likely to stay where you place it.

Space out balls


felt ball curtain tie backs

Space them well and keep in mind how you want the finished product outcome to be. Do you want the balls spaced or closely held together? You may choose to tie a knot between each ball, so they do not slide or do a haphazard spacing. It’s all about your preference.

Threading the balls

After piecing the balls together, tie a knot, trim the embroidery thread, and there you have it! You will realize that you can create a very excellent bonding experience with your loved ones to make this tieback because the steps are not complicated, and the end product is impressive.

felt ball curtain tie backs

Tie the  felt ball curtain tie backs

If you want to let the light in the room, though, use the tiebacks you just made to hold the curtains open. Create a look that you like most curtain tiebacks are placed halfway down a curtain and about three inches from the window edge. If you have very tall windows, put the holdback based on how the curtain looks and where you can comfortably reach to adjust them.

Wrap the tieback around the curtain, and it should fit as expected when wrapped around the curtain. When it comes to homemade curtain tiebacks, felt ball curtains tie back carries the day, with the above step by step directions as your guide, you then are set to embark on a crafty journey to improve your appealing and stylish interior and outdoor décor. The tiebacks will look great when coordinated to your curtains or room décor.

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