How to make Felt Balls Tree in a pot to decorate your home

Felt balls are tiny, soft, and bouncy craft materials alternatively referred to as felt pom poms.  You can make a beautiful felt balls tree in a pot easily at home.
While many people find it attractive and more comfortable to buy them from the shop, making some at home is incredibly easier. These balls are made from wool roving under simple procedures, yes, very simple to make and  you will enjoy the craft.

How to make felt balls tree in a pot

We have two options, either use the store bought felt balls or make your own. Buying the felt balls will save you some time if you are short on time.

Making these balls will only require average creativity to organize color patterns for making different items. In this case, we will focus on creating a felted balls tree in a pot.

What materials are needed?

Felt wool : Felt wool can be of different colors and sizes.
• Hot water or warm water that you can handle
• Scissors
• Embroidery needle
• Soap dish
• A sizeable tree
• A pot
• Basin
• Towel Making the balls
1.Add some warm water in the basin. Add the wool roving to wet it and add soap. Get out the wool and pull small pieces for a start. Gradually, you can add more roving in case you reconsider your sizes.
2. Fluff the roving using your fingers and roll the fluffs to make a ball to begin the felting process.
felt balls to make felt balls tree in a pot
3. Dip the balls made into the soapy water, presumably warm, and twist the fibers between your hands. Do this gently and lightly in a circular pattern until felting begins. It is advisable to roll it lightly at the initial rolling to avoid damage since the ball isn’t firm yet. More pressure can be applied as felting continues.
 making felt balls
4. While rolling the yarn, pour some warm water over it. While twisting, this enables the edges to wet the wool and sees the thread form a ball shape in your hands.
5. Put the wool in an empty basin and add some water. Ensure that only one side of the ball soaks in the water while the other one remains dry. You can continue adding hot water in the basin with the wool to tighten them. It also ensures that the wool fibers are more connected.
6. While twisting the wool, continuously use warm water but make sure you don’t soak them in excess. If so, press the yarn with your fingers to drive out excess water.
7. Due to the rigidity of the balls, you may observe some cracks. Cracks in the balls happen when you are quickly rolling them between your hands. For a smooth roll, don’t be in a hurry to make them faster. It may distort your outcome.
However, in case cracking happens, separate it into two sections, and obtain some fibers. The division will have you get two different ball sides and with threads on one side.
To make them connected, roll the balls gently until you obtain your preferred shape. Notably, any cracks that would have been seen disappear. The wool you use at the end should not compress so much. Placing your balls in your hands for a gentle squeeze or touch could help you establish that.
felt balls
8. At this point, the balls have already been established and are in the desired shape. If you happen to roll further, you will observe foam formation in your hands.
The gesture tells you that the balls are formed. Rinse them and give them time to dry. Now that you already have the felt balls, the next step is fixing them on the tree. You can also opt to make a felted pot or buy one.
 felt balls tree in a pot
Ideally, you will want a tree that is attractive for your holiday or Christmas celebrations. Depending on the availability of the items you would opt to use, put handmade ornaments into consideration.
In my craft project, I decided to make a felt tree garland. The color pattern is also an important aspect to consider. Which ones to use depend on your tastes and preferences, or maybe the occasion at hand. It is advisable to blend different colors to make it more appealing.

Raw material required to make felt balls tree in a pot

Some of the additional materials I gathered include
• Star template , Polyfil
• Sharpie marker
• Additional wool
• Clay soil
1. One step to making your tree look better and attractive is wrapping felted wool around it with a polystyrene cone or another material of your choice. You will also need to have clay soil in your pot to aid in holding the tree.
2. Once you have covered the cone with wool, use a needle to fix the wool tufts into the cone firmly. With your colored yarn, decorate the tree with baubles and ensure they get a tight grip.
3. Since you want a colorful end product, star templates could make it better in looking attractive and well decorated. In this case, I used a blue piece of paper to make the star-shaped templates skilfully cutting along with the scissors.
However, you can also use sturdy cardboard, which is easier to trace.
Note that you don’t have to make the star templates in your project. It is entirely an optional idea, and you can decide to decorate yours in another way.
felt balls tree in a pot
4. Cut a good number of star pieces. Place the wool felt between two pieces and sew them using your embroidery floss. You can fix the stars to the felt balls made in the first procedure using the polyfil or cotton balls at the margins. Repeat this procedure severally until you get the required number of stars suitable for your tree.
How to make felt balls tree in a pot
5. Using your needle, fix the stars and balls skilfully on the tree. Ensure you space them out to make them well distributed. If you use a tree with several branches, ensure they each have at least the balls or stars hanging on them.
felt balls tree in a pot to celebrate christmas
6. Put the clay soil in your pot, and if dry, add some water to make it a little bit wet. Hold the tree carefully and push it inside to attach it. Ensure that the tree gets a tight grip inside the pot that it gets well supported.
felt balls tree in a pot
7. Place your tree in a pot stand at your favorite position in the house or outside. It could be a flat surface or where it cannot get damaged easily.
Kudos for the completion of your felt craft project. I hope you got the right end product. You can also try other methods with different materials to make more until you perfect the art.
Try making your own felt balls with the wool roving.
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