How to make felt balls from merino wool

How to make felt balls from merino wool roving

Do you want to learn how to create DIY felt balls? It is an easy do it yourself craft project to undertake at home. The materials you need to make felt balls  from merino wool roving are readily available, and with these balls, you can craft to make a felt ball bead rug to felt ball necklace.
The possibilities are endless.
Many people love making cool DIY projects, hoping this one interests you. The availability of materials is a great advantage when doing any craft project.

How to make felt balls from merino wool roving

This article will help you make  felt balls from merino wool seamlessly. You will appreciate doing it repeatedly by yourself or with your kids. Below are quick steps to create colorful merino wool balls for a perfect craft project. So, let’s get started!

Materials Required To Make Merino Wool Felts

You will need a few raw materials to make these bouncy and puffy felt balls.

Merino wool roving

Merino wool roving is recommended because it can felt, unlike polyester yarn, that does not felt. Warm soapy water -prepare warm soapy water. Use 4 tablespoons of dishwashing detergent and 6 cups of water and mix in a bucket.
Avoid using liquid washing detergent or dyes because such intense colors may stain merino wools.

Learn how to make felt balls from merino wool roving  with these super easy steps!

Steps Of Making Felt Balls From Merino Wool Roving If you want colored balls using merino wool roving, you have to dye your wool with the desired colors.
1. Wrap The Merino Wool Roving Round To Look Like A Ball Take a small wad of merino wool and fold. Take more lengths of merino wool and wrap it around and tightly. Continue to add more layers until the fluffy ball seems to be twice the required size you need at the end.
How to make felt balls from merino wool roving
After that, dip in the soapy hot water in a bucket to saturate the fluffy ball. If you’re doing this process with your kids, remember to supervise them. Also, check the warm water to ensure it’s not too hot for them.
How to make felt balls from wool roving
When ready, roll it gently using both hands and don’t squeeze it. It would be best if you keep repeating the process for some minutes. Dip in water and remove it to cool.

1. Add balls in soapy water

When you are dipping in the soapy water, before you remove, ensure it is fully saturated. In the end, the merino wool will look wet and scraggly messy. Don’t worry; it is part of the process. The ball will start to harden slowly. Repeat the process using merino wool until you have the desired number of balls.

2. Roll The Balls With Light Pressure

Pick your balls one at a time and put on a flat surface. Apply light pressure on top of each ball and roll it gently. When rolling the balls on the surface, consider the direction you are comfortable; clockwise or anti-clockwise, but you can use both directions. Roll them until you find the balls having your desired round shape.

Remove the cracks in balls

When on the process, you will encounter bending or cracks, use a heavy object to hit the ball lightly. It will help reshape the ball and then dip it in hot water again. The process of rolling has to take some minutes until you find your ball becoming firm. Repeat the process to all remaining balls.

3. Squeeze The Balls

Once done with the shape, squeeze the ball until it drains all the soapy water. Place the ball on a flat surface. Repeat this process to all the other balls.

4. Add More Pressure

On Your Wool Balls Similar to what you did in step 2 above, start to roll the balls again on a flat surface. When on this stage, apply more pressure than you did before. If possible, you can roll by adding more weight at the top of the ball. The process will now give you the proper round shape you wanted.

5. Add Desired Designs

At this stage, you can add the designs you want. If you’re going to make strips, use your fingers to make strips of wool into your balls. It is easy also to make dots design. You can wind some merino wool into a disk such as cinnamon swirl, dip it and then work it using your fingertips.

6. Wash The Balls Using Cold Clean Water

When done adding your designs, roll your balls again in your palms, and dip it in cold water for cooling. Remove the moment the ball shrinks into the desired size. Rinse using cold water and allow it to dry. After shrinking with cold water, extract the ball and give it a good squeeze to remove water. Repeat this process with all your balls.

7. Dry The Balls

felt balls from wool roving

Lastly, in your process, you have to dry the pom-pom balls. Put them on a flat surface. The balls will harden on their own. After they are all dry, you can now check and see the fantastic balls you have made at home. They are ready for use on your DIY crafted projects.
The Bottom Line, If you want to do a simple DIY craft project at home that can make your kid occupied or come up with something unique and decorative for your space, making felt balls is a great choice. The first step you should start with is making the balls, and merino wool roving is an excellent material.
You can easily make your balls and succeed in decorations at the same time. You can also add beautiful colors and patterns to merino wool and get impressive balls. If you make small versions of balls, you can use them to make good looking barrettes and necklaces.
You can use different colors to make them more attractive -your imagination should be the limit. If you follow our guide, you’ll find it easy to make DIY pom-pom because it is easy to set up, clean, and it is a fantastic project to do at any time.


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