How to make felt balls pouffe to use as furniture

Everyone is always looking for a special and one of a kind piece of furniture that they can add to a room. One of the best ways to add style and character to any room is by adding an ottoman or a pouffe. You can make your felt balls pouffe at home.

How to make a felt balls pouffe

Typically these accent pieces are expensive and traditional. If you are looking for an ideal pouffe you should highly consider making your own using felt balls.

Raw materials needed

make felt balls pouffe
When looking to make a felt ball pouffe you will need to first gather your materials. You will need fabric scraps, preferably wool or cotton, a large piece of fabric about six feet by four feet, a hot glue gun and felt ball pieces (2 inch and half inch varieties).
Once you gather all materials you can begin designing and creating your very own piece of functional art.

Choosing Size and Colors

A difficult thing to decide when making your own ottomans is how big or small you want it to be. Typically, when making a felt pouffe you want the size to be about two feet. You can choose to have pouffe in any size or shape, however, making a two foot square pouffe is one of the easiest and stylish ones.
The colors that you choose to use are completely up to you. If you are looking for a more modern look you may choose neutral colors like grey and white. If you want to have a more eccentric style, try using brighter colors. When purchasing your felt pom poms you will want to get large balls about two inches in diameter.

How to Make a Cover

Before beginning the process of using felt pom poms you will need to create a cover and fill it with material in order to ensure stability and strength of the pouffe. To ensure functionality, you will want to create a cover and fill it with any wool scraps you may have laying around the house.
How to make felt balls pouffe
To create the cover you can use any type of fabric you want. You can use any color fabric as well. Since you may see some of the cover in the end try finding a color fabric that matches the  pom-poms you want to use. Sew the fabric into a square shape with all sides measuring two feet long. Use a sewing machine or hand stitched to create this cover.
Leave a small hole so that you can fill the cover with the wool scraps. Once the wool scraps are added to the cover finish sewing the cover closed.
Felt balls pouffe
Test the pouffe to ensure that it is as firm as you want it to be. If you want it to be more firm add more wool to inside the cover.

Using Felt Balls for the Pouffe

Felt balls pouffe to use as furniture
Once you are happy with the overall shape, size, and firmness of the pouffe you can begin gluing on the felt balls. Start in the center of one side and begin gluing the balls on one at a time. Use a hot glue gun for maximum strength and increased durability.
The best thing about making your own pouffe is that you can design it however you want. You can create a pattern with the balls or make it chaotic and fun. If this is your first homemade pouffe you should strive for organized chaos and try patterns after you have had some practice.
Once you have your first pom pom glued you can begin gluing more pom poms. Glue the pieces immediately next to the previous ball. This will help prevent open gaps and areas. Keeping your balls glued close together can help you get the best pouffe.
Once you have finished gluing all the balls to one side you can turn the pouffe around a glue them onto the other sides. If you want the pouffe to sit flat on the floor you should leave one side blank. This can save you time but also ensure that the pouffe sits flat on any surface. If you choose to add felt to all sides of the pouffe you will be able to flip it around and turn it to hide stains. Gluing the felt to only five sides or to all six sides is a personal preference.

Finishing Touches to the felt balls pouffe

Once you have all the felt pieces glued onto the pouffe you may notice some gaps that expose the cover. If you do not want to see the cover at all, you can use smaller balls and glue them to the open gaps. Try using half inch balls to hide the open spaces.
Since you will likely be using your pouffe on a regular basis you may need to check on the felt regularly. If you notice that some balls are becoming lose you can use your hot glue gun to place them back on.
Making your own felt pouffe is sure to impress anyone that walks into your home. They are a one of a kind piece that is sure to add style to any room.
They look great in living rooms, bedrooms, and even office spaces. They can be used as small chairs or ottomans. The wonderful thing about pouffes is that they have a functional purpose but also a stylish design that will make any room more unique.
Try experimenting with different colors, shapes and sizes until you are happy with your amazing creation. You can give others your pouffes because they make wonderful gifts for any occasion.
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