How do you make felt Christmas decorations?

If you are looking to add in a personal touch to your decorations this year, you may be looking for ways to create your own felt Christmas decorations . You can make these ornaments on your own or invite family and friends together for a craft party. Either way, here are some fun and innovative ideas to help you make the perfect ornaments for your Christmas tree. Felt ball Christmas ornaments

How to make felt Christmas decorations

These Christmas decorations are easy to make and look beautiful. You can even encourage kids to help you in making these simple crafts and I am sure they will love it.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

A Christmas tree is one of the most iconic symbols to represent the holiday season. If you are looking to make an ornament that screams Christmas, you may want to make your own felt balls Christmas tree ornament.

Raw material for felt Christmas decorations

Felt Christmas decorations

To make this ornament, you must first gather all of your supplies. You will need a hot glue gun, about ten inches of twine, scissors, and 16 felt pieces (about 1/2 inch in diameter of various shades of green). Felt Christmas decorations To make the Christmas tree ornament you should first lay down all twelve balls on a table and arrange them so that they look like a Christmas tree. Start by assembling five balls on the bottom, four on top of that row, three on top of that row, followed by two and then one. You should also include one felt ball on the bottom of the tree to look like the stump of the tree.  Once the balls are arranged in the order that you like you can begin hot gluing the balls together. Glue only the sides of the balls to the sides of the other balls.Once this is complete, you can fold the string in half and tie a knot at the end of the strings. Then, glue the knot to the top of the Christmas tree. This twine will act as the hook for the ornament on your tree. Let the ornaments it for about one hour before hanging on the tree to help ensure that all pieces are sturdy. felt christmas dcorations

Large Felt Ball Ornament

Most people decide to decorate their Christmas trees with glass or plastic ornaments shaped like balls. While these are a traditional Christmas decoration, you can make them more stylish and modern with felt pom poms. If you are looking to add some style and personality to this traditional ornament you may want to consider making your own balls made out of felt.  To make these ornaments you will need a Styrofoam ball of the desired size, which is typically about two inches in diameter. You will also need about 55 felt balls, a hot glue gun, embroidery needle, yarn, and scissors. How to make felt ball decorations After you have gathered all materials you should start by cutting a ten inch piece of yarn. Tie a small knot at the one side of the yarn and thread the rest of the yarn through the Styrofoam ball. felt Christmas decorations After it has been threaded through the ball completely thread it back through the ball, however, you need to leave about a three inch loop at the top of the ball. This will act as the hook for the ornament.  After the yarn is threaded back through the ball, hot glue the very end of the string to the bottom of the ball. After your ball has the loop at the top you can begin designing the ornament using the balls of felt.  Choose any color felt pieces that you like and just start hot gluing them to the Styrofoam ball. Start in one spot and make your way to the end of the ball. You can glue any colors that you want together.If you are looking to make patterns you can do this, or you can make the design completely random and chaotic. The choice is completely up to you. After the ball has been covered with felt you may decide to add a small ribbon made out of yarn. bow To make this ribbon or bow you should cut about three feet of yarn.

Making bow with yarn

Wrap the yarn around three of your fingers. Then tie the yarn together at the middle with a small piece of yarn. bow for felt Christmas decorations Cut the edges of the yarn with scissors and fluff out the ends of the yarn. This will give you a bow that you can then hot glue to any part of the ornament that you want.  Remember to let the ornament dry for about one hour before hanging on the tree. This will help make sure all parts of the ornament remain intact. Felt ornament

Felt Christmas decoration as wood ornament

If you are looking for a simple and rustic addition to your Christmas tree this year, you may want to consider making an ornament made out of felt and wood.

To make these simple, yet modern, ornaments you will need about two felt balls and two wood balls (each with a small hole in the center) for each ornament.

You will also need an embroidery needle and some thread. To make this ornament you should start by tying a knot at the end of a piece of thread that is about two feet long. Thread the needle through the felt ball and then through a piece of wood. Thread it again through a felt piece and then another piece of wood.

Tie a knot after the last ball. Leave about six inches of thread and then tie the end of the string to the last knot you tied. This six inches of thread at the end of the ornament will act as the hook for the ornament. This is a simple ornament that can be altered with a various number of felt pieces or wood.

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