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How to make felt ball letters at home

Felt ball Letter decorations make a place look beautiful. A recent form of decoration that is becoming quite popular is the use of decorative letters to customize rooms.

felt ball letters final image

Decorative letters take different styles of typography and involve different colors depending on one’s tastes and preferences. Felt ball decorative letters can add some spice to your walls and enhance the décor. One advantage about using Felt Pom Poms to create decorative letters is that you can personalize them to fit into your style. You can create letters that express your personality or the personality of the person for whom they are intended. Making decorative letters using felt balls is not difficult or expensive. You only need some simple materials and a little craft skill. The rest is a fun-filled activity that results in an awesome outlay of art.

Materials Needed

Making decorative letters with Felt Pom Poms does not require a lot of materials. You also do not need a lot of tools. You can even buy ready made material for the task although making the letters by yourself is more fun.

Here is a list of the material you will need for your letters.

raw material for felt ball letters

  •  2cm woollen balls (The number of balls will depend on the size and number of your letters)
  • Cardboard (Again, the size will depend on the number of letters you are to make)
  • Circular saw to cut the cardboard (You can also use a utility knife or straight edge)
  • Scroll saw/jigsaw for cutting out the letters• Paint for the cardboard letters (The paint should be close to the color of the pom poms)
  • Glue to stick the balls on the cardboard letters

How to make Felt ball letters to decorate your room

1. Draw the shape of the letters you want to create on the cardboard. There is a range of typography styles that from which you can choose. You can print some of the letters to use to trace the letters onto the cardboard. If you are good at free-hand drawing, then you can easily draw your letters without the need to trace them from a printed source. For those not adept at drawing, you can also acquire pre-cut letters from a store nearby.

2. Once you have your letters drawn, start cutting the cardboard down to small pieces containing the letters.

A circular saw is ideal for this. However, you can also use a utility knife or straightedge. As you cut out your letters, remember to take precautions to ensure your safety.

Always wear safety gear such as safety goggles and gloves where possible to minimize the risk of injury. Safety is especially important when using the circular saw.

cutting the letters

3. To cut out the letters from the smaller pieces of cardboard, you need a scroll saw or a jigsaw. The scroll saw/jigsaw will make it easy to curve out the letters nicely from the cardboard. In case some of the letters require inside cuts, you will need a paddle bit and drill.

You will have to make one or two holes, then insert the blade into a hole and start curving out the letter from the inside. Your letter may not come out as perfect as you wish. However, there is no need to fret about that. The balls will likely cover it such that the imperfections are not visible

4. Once you have your letters cut out, you can clean them, especially the edges, using sandpaper. Remember to attach a hook on the letters so that you are able to hang them up later when you are done with everything. If you are using pre-cut letters, then you start from the next step

felt ball decortions

5. Paint your letters with your color of choice. Ideally, the color you use should be close to the color of the balls. Allow the cardboard letters to dry before moving on to the next step.

felt ball letters for decoration

6. After the letters dry, the next step is to put up your woollen balls onto the cardboard letters. This is the most fun part. You can opt to have a designed arrangement of the balls to reflect a given pattern or you can just pick balls with different colors randomly. This is the part where you really show your creativity and style.

Apply some glue at the bottom of each ball before sticking it to your cardboard letter. Remember to hold the ball onto the cardboard letter for at least 30seconds to allow the glue to set in.

felt ball letters

As you glue more balls, ensure you do not move those already on the letter. Once you have your letter complete with the balls covering it, allow it to lie for about 30 minutes so that the glue can dry. Repeat the same process for all your letters. Once you have all the letters ready, you can set them up on your wall and marvel in the beauty you created. Multicolored letters create a nice ambience. They make your room alive.

how to make felt ball letters

Room decorations can take different forms. Your personality can influence how you decorate your rooms. Even when decorating kids’ rooms, the color schemes and type of decorations will to a great extent depend on what you think the kids like.

The use of felt ball letters as part of decorations has been growing in popularity. The letters are simple to make, yet create an alluring ambience in a room.

Although the complete letters may seem beautiful and sophisticated, creating these letters is actually simple and inexpensive. From the material to the process, everything requires little skill and the cost is low.

As you set out to make your letters, you need to remember to have the right tools and material. The particular types of saws will help you cut out the letters easily to ensure smooth and nice-looking letters. Once you have the balls on the cardboard letters, you will be looking at beautiful pieces of decorations.

The letters are especially attractive to kids, with the colors offering some form of thrill. You do not have to be an artist to draw and create the letters. You can always buy ready cut out letters to fix the balls on and create a lovely piece of art to reflect whatever theme you like.

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