How to make a felt ball wreath

How to make felt ball wreath (DIY turorial)

How to make a felt ball wreath

Howto  make a felt balls wreath–ultimate guide


Finding the perfect felt balls wreath to hang on your door is always difficult because it seems like stores never have the best selections available. If you want to have a unique and one of a kind felt pom poms wreath there is no need to buy one when you can make your own.

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There have been many trends in DIY wreaths over the years but nothing compares to this DIY felt balls wreath. A DIY felt ball wreath is an ideal wreath to hang on your door because no matter how many you make it will always be different.

Felt pom poms are full of eye-catching color so they will naturally make a great addition to any wreath. If you decide to make these beautiful and creative wreaths be prepared to make them for your friends and family because they will surely want one too.

What Materials Do You Need?

A round natural wool felted ring or foam wreath(about 14 inch diameter)

200 2 cm felt pieces

 make a felt wreath at home


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Materials required to make a felt ball wreath



How To Make A Felt Balls Wreath?


If you want to make this amazing wreath the first thing you need to do is decide which color of felts you want to use. If you want a colorful wreath to hang on your door at any time of the year you can use all colors in the pack.

If you want a holiday wreath for fall you may choose to use only neutral and fall colors.

Once you have all the colors you want to use picked out you can plug in your hot glue gun and start gluing the 2 cm felt pieces all around the wreath.

Try to get the felt pom poms as close together as possible to avoid showing any white area. If you do show white do not worry because, in the end, you will use the smaller white pieces to cover them up.


Partial felt ball wreath


You should not assemble your felt pieces in any particular order. The best way to achieve a beautiful design is through organised chaos. You can glue random balls next to each other to get a one of a kind design.If you are trying to make a pattern with your felt balls you can try your best, however, the process will take much longer.

The choice of how you glue on the balls is a personal decision.When you are gluing on the balls to the wreath you do not need to glue the balls onto the back of the wreath.

Since you want the wreath to lay flat against the door of your home you can leave the back bare. No one will see the back and this will help it lay flat. This will also help save you money on materials and save you time.

You will need to make sure the front and the upper sides and inner sides are completely covered with the felt pieces though.

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To ensure that you cover the entire wreath with the 2 cm felt pieces you should lay the wreath on its back and glue the entire front. Once you have the front and some of the sides covered you will need to lay the wreath on its front.

While the wreath is on its front you can finish gliding the felt pieces to the sides of the wreath that you could not reach when it was on its back.

Once you are happy with the amount of the wreath that is covered with the 2 cm felt pieces you can begin trying to hide any white spots that you see.

You can use the 10 mm (smaller felt pieces) to hide the white background. There should not be any order to this. All you need to do is glue the smaller felt pieces onto the wreath where you see white.

After you have hidden all the white you can start working on hanging your wreath.

How To Hang Your Wreath?

To hang your wreath you are going to want to pick out your favorite ribbon. Try finding a ribbon that matches the color and style of the wreath you have just made. You may want to pick out the ribbon after the wreath is assembled to see which one goes best with your design.


To attach the ribbon to your wreath you are going to use your hot glue gun. Place a spot of glue on the upper back of your wreath and attach the ribbon to it.

Once you have the ribbon attached to allow it to sit for a few minutes so that it can fully dry. Once the ribbon is dry you can hang it to your door and let everyone see the amazing creation you made.

You can also sew in the ribbon to the wreath instead of gluing it if you know how to do it.


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The great thing about making your own wreath is that you can adjust the height of the ribbon to meet your exact needs. Some doors are larger or smaller than others.

The area that you have for a wreath may be different. You can adjust the height of your ribbon and the diameter of your wreath to fit your needs.

Holiday Felt Wreaths


How to make a felt ball wreath

Once you have gotten some practice making a colorful everyday wreath you may want to try your hand at making different holidays felt wreaths.

You can choose to use a chaotic design for these wreaths or you can organize the colors into a nice pattern.

For example, a Halloween wreath may use the colors black and orange. You may choose to use all black felt pieces for the background of the wreath and then use smaller orange pieces to make a creative design or to design jack o lanterns around the wreath.


There is no right or wrong way to make these amazing, one of a kind wreaths. You can design them to be your very own and have peace of mind knowing that no one will have the same decorations as you.

You will also have a sense of accomplishment knowing that you made your own decoration and that others are admiring it when they pass by your home.


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