felt ball necklace

How to make your own felt ball necklace

How do you make a felt bead necklace?


How do you make felt ball necklace

Finding the perfect necklace to match your outfit can be a difficult thing to do. Every woman is looking for a necklace that can stand alone and make a great fashion statement. Jewellery, however, can get expensive and can look very similar to other people’s jewellery. If you are looking for a one of a kind necklace you can actually make is your own using felt beads. These felt balls allow you to customize your jewellery to make a stylish, colorful, and unique piece of felt ball necklace.

If you want to get complimented on your necklace everywhere you go, here is the best way to make your own necklace.

Gathering Materials


How to make felt ball jewellery like necklace


The first thing you need to do is gather all of your materials. To make a necklace you will need approximately twenty felt beads, however, you may use more or less depending on the exact style of necklace that you want. You will also need a flat nose needle, hemp cord, and super glue.Designing Your Necklace

Felt balls to create ffelt ball necklace


Before you start putting beads onto the string you may want to design the necklace on a flat surface. You can arrange the  felt balls on a table to see which colors look good together. You can also space out the beads in a manner that you like. Some people may choose to have two beds together, while other people may want all of the beads touching. The choice is completely a personal preference.

Length of the necklace


Another thing you should consider when laying the pom pom balls out on the table is to determine how long or short you want the necklace to be. The great thing about designing and customizing your own necklace is that you have full control over how it looks. You can opt for a shorter necklace that cuts off around the breast bone or opt for a longer fashion necklace that goes down to your waist.

Assembling Your  felt ball necklace


How do you make felt ball necklace


Once you have laid out the necklace in the manner that you want you can measure out the amount of hemp string that you will need. Remember, to cut the hemp string longer than what you want because you can always trim it at the end.

If you cut it too short you will have to start the entire process over and this will likely cause frustration. Typical necklaces are about 33 inches to 46 inches in length. To ensure that you have enough string you may want to add an extra four to six inches to the length.


How to make your own felt ball necklace


Once your hemp is cut you can thread the hemp string through the needle. You should then tie a small knot on the one side of the string so that the balls cannot fall off. The felt beads will be hard enough to get through, but you want to ensure that they are secure so tying a knot will help ensure this.

Putting felt balls into thread


After your needle is threaded you can begin shoving the felt beads onto the string. The needle will be hard to push through these balls but patience pays off. You just need to push hard. Sometimes applying pressure to the needle on the table can help the ball go through.


If you are keeping one ball in a group on the necklace you will need to tie a small knot after the ball on the needle side to help keep it in place. If you are going to keep the balls in a group, like two or three together, you will push the entire group of balls onto the string and then tie the knot. The knot helps ensure that all of the balls stay grouped together where you want them.


Once you are done with your first group of felt beads you will skip a few inches and tie another small knot to keep the next grouping of felt beads in place. Then you can begin threading the next group of felt balls onto the string. Push them to the knot and then tie another knot at the end of the grouping.

If you want the balls to move a little bit you can leave a little space before tying the knot. If you want to ensure that your balls stay secure in one place tie the knot as close to the balls as you can get.

Remember, this is a personal preference, and each necklace you design may be a little different.

The Final Product

After you have threaded through all the felt beads and are happy with the design of the necklace you are ready to finish it. Now, to finish the necklace you need to cut the hemp string and tie the two strings together.

To ensure that the necklace looks consistent you will want to try and tie the two strings together right next to the last group of felt pom poms.

To ensure that your necklace stays together you will want to apply a dot of super glue, or even hot glue, to this last knot. Since knots can easily come untied after some time this glue helps ensure your necklaces strength and durability.

How do you make a felt ball necklace jewellery

Creating and designing your own felt bead necklace is an ideal way to make a necklace that will stand out in a crowd and match any jewellery that you may have.

These necklaces make great presents and if you are looking to get into arts and crafts you can even try selling them at a local fair or craft store.

Jewellery is hard to find, but making your own felt bead necklace is a great way to make a fashion statement at any event.

Check out these felt balls to chose your favourite colors to make felt ball necklace


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