How do you embroider felt balls? ( A tutorial )

Learn in this tutorial how can you make your own embroidered felt balls. Learn this simple technique to embroider felt balls and make these puffy pom poms to look more beautiful.

How do you  embroider felt balls?


How to make embroidered felt balls

Embroidered felt balls materials that can be embroidered by a threading technique. The method in which wool felt balls are embroidered is just as simple as doing the same on a flat piece of fabric.

How to do simple embroidery on felt balls


Felt balls or pom poms may be stitch with a thick sewing application. A sewing cotton also known as embroidery floss. This handy smooth thread seems difficult to work with at first glance, however, with a keen eye and an abundance amount of practice anyone can become a professional in no time.

When choosing embroidery thread or floss the crafts person may choose to use the binding agent as is or as a split. Embroidered wool felt balls can bring vibrancy and life to a standard felt ball. Delivering uniqueness and excellent customization for any crafting project.

Creating embroidered felt balls


DIY embroidery on felt balls is a fun and relaxing art anyone can pick-up and become good at it any time. It is the perfect project to work on while indoors due to unsatisfactory weather or an activity to pass the time while waiting. Whether the individual is working with a felt pom or a ball of wool, there are excellent techniques to make the embroidery project a huge success.

What can be crafted with embroidered felt balls?


There are countless possibilities felt balls can be used for. Individuals may use these materials to create fun and exciting home accents such as decorative coasters, rugs, light-weight jewellery, purse add on, costumes, clothing accessories, and much more. The human imagination is limitless.

It is exciting as well as adventurous to explore the many possibilities of crafts that could be created.


When stitching felt balls remember not to worry about perfection. The best part about creating unique crafts is the imperfect features.

In other words, it is not the end of the world when the stitches aren’t perfectly aligned or spaced apart as what was originally wanted. The unique stitching is what crafters would call the organic stitching method. To be honest, the beads look much better with the natural touch.

Start from the center


How to start felt ball embroidery


Stabbing the needle through the wool ball is the usual starting point designing ball fabrics. Be sure the needle is through the center as much as possible. This will set place the back-stitching the bead would need for embroidery. To secure the thread it is wise to leave a small amount of thread tail poking from the back.




The small amount of additional thread needs to be easily gripped by the end.


Pulling the needle with tweezers for felt ball embroidery


Then pull the needle through the felt ball using a small pair of tweezers. Crafting pliers is another excellent way to pull the thread through. Once the thread is pulled through the centre of the felt ball, it is now ready for its first stitch!



Back-stitching for felt ball embroidery


When performing any kind of embroidery projects, some stitches form various lines throughout the fabric. These lines are commonly used to outline various shapes. Furthermore adding additional details to a design that requires a fine point needle. Back-stitching is often used when adding lettering or numbering to an article of clothing, towel, blanket, or other miscellaneous cloth materials.

embroider felt balls with simple stitches

When sewing by hand, back-stitching is a binding method that is strongly mended to the materials by a thread. As a result, it provides a permanent and strong binding of the attached pieces of fabric.

Holding felt ball correctly

When making the first stitch when embroidering a wool ball, it is vital to understand safety precautions. Since felt wool balls are generally small, it is very easy to prick fingers in the process of sewing. Be sure to take care when poking needles through fabric materials anytime during the process of crafting.


After making the first stitch, take the needle back to where the thread was stationed beforehand. Then take the needle and lead it back towards the same hole. The next step is to pull the thread along with the needle through.

Once the thread and needle are  properly through, gently tug on the tail and use a pair of small scissors to snip off the unwanted ends. The end will disappear and become an un-see able nub. As a result, the felt ball with be held firm by the thread.


Securing the thread


The next step to create the perfect embroidery on a felt ball is to secure the thread. To do this, one would have to take the end of the thread they finished stitching and navigate the needle. Take the needle along with the attached thread and run it through the ball. Be sure to provide strength by adding tension. Once the securing process is completed, it is now the perfect time to finish the stitching.

how to embroider felt balls

To complete the stitching process the crafter must guide the needle and thread to mark the desired design. Marking an outline of what is to be expected with sewing pins is an excellent way to see where the next threading will go. A thin fabric pencil or chalk is another way to marking if  the person don’t own sewing pins for any reason.

Fully embroidered felt ball

Needles to guide stitches


This can be applied by poking the needle through the felt ball. This would allow the needle to be the perfect stitching guide. The crafter would then sew the desired stitches at the angle aligned with the needle. When creating the spiral effect, back-stitching can be doubled and thickened by weaving the thread back through the stitch’s origin. Straight stitching is another excellent stitching option when creating a fun design. It is the easiest method and the best if the individual is new to embroidery.

Cross stitches

Additionally, there are cross stitches that take an extra step, however, it results in a beautiful design. To create these unique stitches, one must insert the needle through point A and exit the needle through the desired point B. Which is across from point A
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