How to make Felt Earrings

How do you make felted earrings

How do you make felted earrings?

Felted earrings to match your dresses

Have you been looking for the perfect set of earrings but are unable to find ones that you truly love? If so, you may want to try designing your own felted earrings.

Designing your own earrings allows you to create a unique piece of jewellery that will go with any occasion. Not only will designing your own felt earrings allow you to look great and stand out, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

If you want to make your own earrings the best and most creative way to do so is with felt pom poms.

What Materials Will You Need?


The best thing about designing your own felt ball earrings is that you can design them with any colors and accessories that you want. You can use small or large balls and make them in any style that you prefer.

The best felt earrings typically include a small hook for the earring followed by a simple dangle earring. This type of earring allows you to showcase the felt balls that you worked so hard to design.

felted earrings which you can make at home

2 three inch headpins, jewelry pliers and a large needle

To make these beautiful and unique earrings you will need about 6 of different, or same colored felt balls, 2 earring hooks, 2 three inch headpins, jewelry pliers, and a large needle. The choice of color and size felt pieces are completely up to you.

If you are designing earrings for younger children you will likely want to use smaller and more brightly colored balls. If you are making them for an adult you will want to use larger, and sometimes more neutral colored balls. The decision is completely up to your personal style.

How To Design Your Earrings?


Felt balls for making felted earrings

Once you have all of your materials ready you should be prepared to put three felt pom poms on each earring. You can layout the balls to see which colors look best with one another.

You can either make it completely random or try and do patterns. The choice is up to you again. The great thing about designing your own earrings is that you can make it your own and do what makes you happy.

How To Make Your Earrings?


felt ball earrings
earrings made of felt balls
To start making your felted earrings you need to pierce the centre of the ball with the large needle and follow the needle with the headpin. Since the headpin is not nearly as sharp or as hard as the needle you need to use the needle to guide your path through the ball, which can be harder than you would expect.
Once you get the headpin all the way through the ball you need to repeat this process with the second and the third ball.
How to make your own felted earrings

After you get the head pin all the way through the three balls you must thread the earring clasp into the head pin that is attached to the felt pieces. You should have an extra wire from the headpin.

felt pom pom earrings
You need to use the jewellery pliers to fold the wire in half and make it into a loop with the earring clasp at the top. You should then squeeze the wire tightly together with the jewellery pliers to ensure that they will not come undone. You should twist the wire tightly together and continue twisting so that you know the earrings will be secure.
After securing the earrings by twisting the wire you are done with the first earring. You need to repeat the process again for the second earring. Once you have finished the second earring you have successfully made your first pair of felt bead earrings.
felted earrings to wear with matching dresses

Benefits of Making Your Own Felted Earrings


Increased Style:

Once you get some practice it will be very easy for you to make your own earrings. You can make earrings to go with any and every outfit that you have. You will surely get compliments on your earrings everywhere you go.

Unique Colors and Patterns:

Try making some neutral color and some brightly colored earrings. The patterns and design choices that you can make with these felt pieces are amazing. You will surprise yourself with how much you like the felt ball earrings.


If you are feeling like an entrepreneur you may want to start designing earrings for all of your friends and family. It is a great way to make some extra money and to promote yourself. They are a fairly cheap and easy thing to make, which can significantly increase your profit margins.

Ability to Learn A New Skill

Once you get really good at making these dangle earrings you can transfer your skills into making other kinds and types of earrings. You may decide to make stud earrings with a single felt piece, rather than a stone or metal piece.
You may also decide to add beads or metal accents to the dangle earrings. There are endless possibilities that makes this opportunity so much fun.

Ability To Make New Types of Jewellery

You can also transfer your skills to make other types of felt pom pom jewellery. These earrings and other jewellery pieces are unique and will help you stand out in any crowd.
You can wear them to a business meeting, school function, first date, night out with friends, or even a casual day. Designing your own earrings and other pieces of jewellery allow you to coordinate all of your jewellery and outfits.
Felt ball earrings are a wonderful way to make you look great in any outfit that you want to wear. They allow you to match and coordinate colors together to make a one of a kind impression. Anyone who sees you will surely stop and ask you where you got your earrings. You can proudly tell them that you made them and even offer to make them some
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