How do you make homemade felt ball garland

When we think about garland many of us think about the holiday season. While homemade felt ball garland is a great addition to any home during the holiday season, it is also a great addition at any time of the year. You can use grand in any room of your home. It is an ideal way to add color and texture to any area of a home. They are a fun way to spice up any area.

homemade felt ball garland


How To Make homemade felt ball Garland with Store Bought Felt Balls?


Homemade felt ball garland

If you are looking to make the garland in an easy way you can purchase store bought wool felt balls. Using store bought felt balls is a great way to make the process easier and to get a larger variety of colors. How to make homemade felt ball garland

To make a garland using store-bought felt balls you will need about fifty felt balls of your preferred size, embroidery floss and a needle.To make garland you should first lay out the felt balls in the order you want them on the string. By laying out the balls you can find out which colors look best together and which colors you want to use on the string.

How to make your own felt ball garland

Once you have all your balls laid out in the order you want them you need to use the needle to string them onto the embroidery floss. If you want to ensure durability and added strength of your garland you may want to double up on the embroidery floss. You should string all the balls onto the floss and then worry about spacing the balls out after.

homemade felt ball garland

how to make pom pom garland

After all your balls are on the string you can determine how much you want to space them out. Once you have decided how you want the spacing to look you should tie a small knot after each ball. This small knot will keep the ball from sliding around on the string. It will also keep the ideal spacing.

Hanging Your Garland

Once you have all the felt pom poms spaced properly on the string you can use a push pin, or even a piece of tape,to hang the grand in any place that you want. You can drape the garland over a chair or over a window. You can also hang them over a bed or around a door frame.

The place where you want to hang the garland is completely up to you. Try to find an area that is a little bit bland. You can use this DIY garland to add some color and texture to any area.

Whether you want to use it at home, an office, or a school you can use it to add texture to any place.

Making Your Own Felt Balls for Garland

While making a garland with pre-purchased felt balls is more convenient, you can also make your own felt balls and use them to make your grand. There are two main ways that you can make your own felt balls from scratch.

1. By using wool Roving

20 pieces of colorful spinning fiber wool

The first way to make your own felt balls from scratch is through a process called roving. To do this you will need wool roving, hot water and dish soap. You should first mix up the hot water and dish soap.

The water has some suds,but should not be full of bubbles. You need to drop the pieces of wool roving into the soapy water and then shape the wool into balls.

You can make balls into any size that you want. If you want larger balls you will just need to use more wool roving. If you want to make smaller balls you can use less.

Once you have the balls formed in the soapy water you can lay the balls out overnight to dry. Try laying them on a flat surface where you will not ruin any furniture.

2. By using Scraps

The next way to make your own wool felt balls to hand on the garland is by using scraps. You can use felt sheet or yarn scraps to do this. This is a great way to prevent wasting your scraps. It makes using felt balls a more affordable option for anyone looking to DIY on a budget.

To use scraps you will need all the scraps, as well as soap and water. You should mix the soap and water like before and then add the scraps into the soap water mixture.

You can use the water to help break down the scraps. Once the material is pulled apart you can roll them into a ball. Just like before, you can now take the balls out of the water and lay them out to dry.

Benefits of Making Garland From Scratch: One of the main benefits of making garland from scratch is that you can make more unique

Colors:  You can blend together the scrap material into unique colors that you cannot buy at the store. You can also make the exact size of the balls that you want.While making felt balls from scratch is more difficult and more time consuming than buying them pre-made, it can also be more fun.

Making garland from scratch is a fun way to spend your time and to get others involved in the process. If you have children they may love to help you with this process.

Younger children can easily form the balls, while older children can thread the balls onto the string for you. This is a fun activity that can get the whole family.

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