How do you make wool ornaments for holiday decorations

How to make wool ornaments

If you love decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments, but you are tired of using the same ornaments year after year you can try something new this year. While the traditional glass and plastic Christmas balls make every tree look great, they are not unique in any way.

Making your own  wool ornaments  with felt balls is one of the absolute best ways to add character to your tree and to help it stand apart from all others.

Felt ball ornaments

You and your entire family can all come together to make unique and personalized wool felt ball ornaments each Christmas. Making your own ornaments this holiday season can help you and your family bond together and make ornaments that are special to this time in your family’s life.

If you enjoy crafting on your own you can make your family their own ornaments that showcase their interests and personality. You can also make traditional holiday ornaments to help dress up your tree.

Tips and ideas for making wool ornaments out of felt pom poms.


What Materials Do You Need?

Raw material for wool ornaments

To make a traditional felt ball ornament you will need wool felt balls, an ornament hanger and hot glue. If you are looking to make a large felt ball ornament with many felt balls on one ornament you will need felt balls, a large Styrofoam ball, and a ribbon.

How To Make  Traditional Wool Ornaments ?

If you want to make a felt ball that looks like a traditional glass or plastic ornament, but made of felt balls instead you simply need to attach an ornament hanger to the top of a felt ball. You can do this using hot glue. Allow the hanger to dry for about a minute before actually trying to hand them up.

If you are interested in making a traditional ornament you can decorate the felt ball in any way that you want. You can leave them as one color or use white balls and decorate them. For example, if you want to decorate a white ball you may decide to draw on snowmen, snowflakes, or other holiday items.

If you are looking to make more personalized ornaments you may choose to write important names or dates on them.

How To Make Large Felt Ball Ornaments?

How to make wool orenaments

If you want to make a very large felt ball ornament that is sure to act as a showcase piece on your tree you need to first hot glue a piece of ribbon onto a large Styrofoam ball. Once you have done this, you can begin hot gluing the small felt ball pieces onto the Styrofoam ball.

You should continue adding felt balls to the ball until there is not white left on the Styrofoam ball. You can add as many or as few colors as you want.

For example, you may want to add only red and green colors to one ornament and add a variety of brightly colored felt pom poms to another. The choice is completely up to you, which is one of the best things about DIY crafts.

Wool Ornament Ideas

While those are two of the most popular types of ornaments there are many other ideas that you can use to make your Christmas tree a masterpiece this year.

These beautifully designed ornaments will surely make a great impression on everyone that enters your home, even Santa Claus.

Peppermint Wool Felt Balls

If you are looking to add some unique features to your tree you can make these peppermint felt ball ornaments just like you would make a traditional felt ball ornament. You need to use a white felt ball and try to smash it on two sides to give it a mint shape.

Once it is a little flatten you can draw three red marks on the sides of the ball. This will give it a peppermint look. You can then glue the ornament hanger to the top of the ball and show off your amazing designs.

Acorn Felt Ornaments

Acorn wool ornaments

If you are looking to add some nature to your Christmas tree this year you can make a unique acorn felt ball ornament. To make these ornaments you will need felt balls, string, glue, and a real acorn cap.

You can glue a small piece of string to the top of an acorn cap and tie it so that it can hang off the tree. You can add any colored felt ball to the bottom of the acorn cap by simply gluing it on.

If you want the acorns to look more natural you may choose to use more neutral colors. If you prefer to use brightly colored felt balls you can use them as well.Pic of acorn tied to string and hanging

Polka Dot Ornaments

Another great felt ball ornament that you can make like a traditional felt ball ornament is a polka dot ornament. To make these beautiful and one of a kind ornaments you can use any colored felt balls that you want. You can use a fabric marker to draw on the felt balls.

You can use small or large polka dots and any combination of colors that you want to make a beautifully designed ornament. Also you can simply draw colorful lines on the felt balls to decorate your Christmas tree.

If you are ready to add some character and personality to your Christmas tree this year, you will likely want to make your own crafts and ornaments.

Making your own felt ball ornaments is an ideal way to get the whole family involved in the holiday season. You can use a variety of felt balls, of all different colors, to give your tree the feeling you want.


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