How to clean a felt ball rug at home properly

Most individuals can find a felt ball rug in a home design and DIY home essentials magazine. This beautiful style of felt ball rugs is usually brightly colored. However, there are some stylists and crafters who create their own with unique felt ball colors. Believe it or not, crafters and DIY experts find it easy to create their very own felt ball rug in the comfort of their own home. The only problem is how to clean  felt ball rug without loosing its freshness.

How to clean a felt ball rug

A felt ball rug can be cleaned in a few ways but before that let us dig deeper to know how this rug is made.

What is a felt ball rug?

How to make your own felt ball rug

On the flip-side this project requires time and patience. Generally involving felting the materials into a ball then sewing them together.  When cleaning a felt ball rug, individuals must take proper precautions. Wool rugs are delicate and cannot be thrown in the washer or dryer as if it were laundry.

As wool ball rugs are beautiful, they can become ugly fast if not taken care of properly. There are proper cleaning methods and steps wool rug owners must undergo when cleaning or washing these delicate pieces of home accents.

Even though it is not safe to throw a wool rug along with a load of daily laundry, wool material is surprisingly strong. The wool materials on the rug will survive the cycle. What individuals should worry about is the binding materials used to hold the wool pieces together. They may become damaged or weaker over time. This is why it is not safe to throw a wool ball run in a standard washer or dryer.

Tips to take care of your felt ball rug

Before cleaning any products made with wool, it is important to understand what this crafting material is. Wool is generally a fire-resistant material. Naturally it can tolerate daily wear and tear. Furthermore, wool can survive being thrown around and will stay dry compared to most materials.

Wool is a strong and durable crafting material. It is perfect to create a long-lasting accent for a home or living space. If taken care of and cleaned properly it can last its owner a lifetime of use. Wool is naturally dirt and liquid repellent. In other words, wool rugs are very easy to keep clean.

Using a vacuum is safe

felt ball rugs

A vacuum cleaner is an excellent cleaning solution for anyone’s ball rug. Before vacuuming the rug, it is wise and recommended to shake the rug. Shaking the rug will remove loose materials such as dust, dirt, sand, and various particles.

After shaking the rug the excess dirt, it is then the perfect time to start vacuuming. When choosing a vacuum cleaner to use on a wool rug, it is wise to use a one with standard power. In other words, no need for anything too fancy, the standard vacuum everyone has a home will handle the job perfectly.

Lint rollers

How to clean felt ball rug

Let us say there is an individual who wants to find a delicate cleaning method that is safer than using a vacuum cleaner. A lint roller is the perfect cleaning tool. Most individuals who own pets generally have a fair collection of lint rollers all around their home.

Using a lint roller on a wool rug is a safe and delicate cleaning method that works. If an individual who owns a wool carpet along with several pets may find it difficult to use a standard vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair from the rug. This is where a lint roller will come in handy.

Rolled up tape can be the perfect alternative if the individual does not have a lint roller nearby or readily available.

Pet owners can understand the hardship of cleaning pet hair off of graceful materials such as wool. Lint roller is every pet owners’ secret cleaning weapon. Do not let the felt wool rug get too wet.

The worst thing anyone can do to a felt ball rug is to leave it somewhere wet. Leaving a ball wool rug within a damp or moist environment may cause harmful damage to the materials. Most experienced wool rug owners would advise their peers and friends to never leave these rugs in wet places.

How to dry a wet stain

When a guest or family member accidentally spills a liquid or beverage on the carpet, it is advised to clean the rug immediately. Cleaning liquid from a wool rug as soon as possible will save it and lengthen its lifespan. However, deep cleaning methods for these rugs may require the individual to dab the surface with a moist soapy towelette.

However, no one should ever make the wool balls damp. Additionally, no one should ever rub or scrub the wool ball rugs at any time. When there is something spilled on the wool material, gently dab the felt balls until the unwanted stain is cleaned away. What would happen when wool ball rugs get too wet?

When wool ball rugs get too wet or damp they become too heavy and unmanageable. Remember, wool balls are difficult to get dirty or wet.

How to improve the life of felt ball rug

However, once they collect a certain amount of liquid and filth one would find it difficult to clean or move. The rug will become heavy and not worth the trouble to get it soaked in the first place. These wool fibres can hold water for a long time.

So be aware of the surroundings before placing down a wool rug. For example, it is not a good thing to have this style of run in a kitchen, bathroom, or balcony. Additionally, the large amount of moisture may cause the wool to discolour and smell over time.

An unpleasant mildew smell may occur. Then the owner of the wool rug would have only one of two options. Option A would be to clean the rug with incredible patience and hard work. Option B would be to throw it out and buy or create a new one.

Best felt balls to start creating your crafts

In conclusion, as long as the wool ball rugs are in a dry environment and avoiding recurring moisture it can last anyone a lifetime. These durable rugs are made to last and can take incredible wear and tear from an abundance of foot traffic.


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