What is felt used for ( uses of felt fabric )

Do you know the uses of felt?

Let us dig deeper and learn what is felt used for. Before learning about the uses we should know what this fabric is.

What is felt?

It is created by matting textile materials and compressing fibers together. These natural fibers and materials are created from animal fur and wool. Additionally these fibers may be created from synthetic materials.

Examples of these synthetic materials include petroleum-based acrylic and rayon that is wood-based. Blending these fibers is a common method when manufacturing felt materials.

This non-woven material is an incredibly sturdy fabric that is used for many crafts and home goods. This man-made fabric is compressed and matted, which makes it stand out like a sore thumb among other fabrics.

Other fabrics are generally woven together which is what makes felt so different. It is a dense fabric that is permanently compressed and interlocked with various fibers. Making it an interesting, durable unique material for crafts and everyday use.

The history of felt.

This material is one of the oldest forms of cloth fabric known. This material has a long history of clothing creation for quite some time. From shirts, skirts, dresses, and footwear. It is common to see an article of clothing today made up of felt fabrics.

It is a material that is also used for outdoor usages. Such as tents and other miscellaneous camping gear. This wool fabric has been around for about 5000 years and been used to create satchels, hats, shoes, clothing, etc, etc. Originally felt was used for the creation of hats.

Hats were a high-end fashion trend back in the day. Felted materials were the perfect materials to create a durable fashion statement. Back in the day,it was created by using animal fur. Fur from beavers and other animals were used.

Beaver hats were made during the middle ages and were made with the same materials for generation after. In today’s society, it is uncommon for felt to be created with beaver fur. The most common materials used for its creation are generally man-made synthetic material

Uses of this fabric in modern world

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However, it isn’t uncommon to find wool materials used for felting in today’s market as well. Wool pom poms are an excellent example of material created by the compressing  method.

Wool  materials are well known among crafts persons and professional home designers alike. They are a modern style that can bring an elegant boldness to a home or living space. Origin The precise origin of the creation of felt is unknown.

Historians believe that it could be dated far back to the prehistoric times. The trail to felt creation leads historians to Central Asia. There is a rumour where this material  was first created and discovered when unused wool from sheep in the wild was used as sleeping beds.

The wool would create comfortable sleeping areas and become matted down over time. Another theory is when the wool became matted before sheering sheep or lamb. Farmers would not waste these materials, however, they used these materials for miscellaneous purposes around the farm and living space.

Back in the day felt materials were popular among Eurasian nomads who reside in lightweight tents made from felt. These felt tents were other known as yurt or gers. These tents and homes were easily carried by the villagers and animals during travel or relocation.

The Nomad people used felt to create essentials for their lifestyles. From shoes, bags, sheets, blankets, and clothing, felt was important and valuable material. The method of creating felt was passed down from generation to generation.

Uses of wool in modern world

uses of felt in modern world

The manufacturing of this fabric increased during the 1800s in the West. This material was perfect for both consumer and industrial uses. Factory workers created felt hats, slippers, carpet, toys for children, filters, instrument parts, and other miscellaneous everyday items.

However, it was not popular to use this material for clothing in the West. The thickness of felt was to warm and stiff for everyday wear. The material did not do well and thin versions would stretch out of shape. There was one exception however, the 1950’s poodle-skirt became a big hit among the younger crowd.

Poodle skirts were originally crafted with felt materials. It is today  often used for crafts and DIY projects. Overall, it is a manufactured material that has been a staple in the fashion and home style industry for quite some time.

It is a fairly strong for how much it costs. On the flip-side there are different styles and types of wool materials. Each varies depending on strength, feel, and whether or not wool is being used. Wool felt is among the most popular craft choices. Since it is a fairly durable material.

Different types of felt

One of the most popular on the list is craft felt. This material is 100 percent synthetic and man-made. Usually created with acrylic, rayon, and polyester. These materials are then blended and compressed with a tremendous amount of pressure. Craft fabric come in various colors and styles.

Most individuals may find craft fabric at any craft store chain or online shop. Eco-friendly wool materials are on the rise due to eco-awareness. This material is created with polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

Eco-friendly felt is extremely similar to craft felt. However, eco-felt may be a bit stiffer compared to other felted materials. These felts are available in multiple colors and patterns.

Crafters may find eco-friendly material at the same location as craft felt. Blended wool is everyone’s favorite  material. It is much softer and flexible compared to other felt materials. Furthermore, the colors and look of this fabric is a unique crafting material.

Blended wool is created with actual wool from alpacas and sheep. The two most common materials used for crafting blended wool are or course wool and rayon blends.

There are different types of blended wool since each blend may have a different percentile of each material being compressed. Generally, blended wool has a two-tone effect resulting in unique color options every time.


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