How to make felt ball tree

How to make a Felt ball tree? (A beautiful craft)

If you enjoy adding color and creativity to your home, you will highly enjoy making felt ball tree. Everyone wants to add style and design to their home,however, this can be very difficult to do without spending a large amount of money.

How to make felt balls tree at home

Creating your own DIY crafts is an ideal way to decorate your home on a budget. One of the best crafts that you can do is to make a felt ball tree. There are a few different varieties of trees that you can make to help liven up your home and bring added character to any room. Here are some of the top ways to incorporate felt pom poms into your home.

How To Make Round Felt Ball Tree?

One of the easiest and most simple ways to make trees from felt pieces is to make a circular tree. To make these trees you will need to have a potting dish with fake soil, a Popsicle stick or other type of stick, about thirty felt balls, a two to four inch diameter Styrofoam ball, and hot glue.

How to make felt balls tree

Raw material

Once you gather all of your materials you will need to determine which colors you want to use for your tree. You can pick out any variety of felt pieces that you want. You may choose to keep every color on the tree or may opt to use only greens to have it resemble a real tree.

Others may decide to make a tree for the holidays and use holiday colors, like red and green for Christmas. There are endless varieties that you can use to make a tree of your very own.

You can also make your own felt balls to use the colors of your choice

After you decide on the colors you want to use you can push the stick through the Styrofoam ball. Once the stick is secure on the ball you can begin hot gluing the felt all around the ball.

Halloween felt balls trees

How to make felt balls trees

Try to get the balls as close together as possible so that you do not see any of the white from the ball. Start on one section of the Styrofoam ball and continue gluing the balls on. You may want to glue them in a pattern or can opt for organized chaos.

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No matter how you plan to do it, it will surely look great. Once all the balls are glued on and there is no white showing you can push the stick into the fake soil.

How to make felt ball tree

You may want to hot glue the stick into the soil to keep it secure. You can then decorate the pot with ribbon or leave it plain. The choice is up to you. You may even choose to decorate the pot for different holidays and seasons.

felt ball tree

How To Make Felt Trees with Real Branches?

If you are looking to add some nature into your home, but still want to add color and creativity one of the best ways that you can do this is by making felt trees with real tree branches.

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To do this you must first gather all of your materials. For this unique and one of a kind project you will need a glass jar or vase, about ten to fifteen tree branches about two feet long, twenty to thirty felt pom poms, and ornament hooks.

Once you gather all of your supplies you should decide on the theme you want your tree to represent. If you are going to make a fall theme you may want to use fall colors, whereas if you are making a tree for Easter or Spring you may want to use pastel colors. This project is easy to change out so you may decide to keep the tree up all year long and just change out the colored balls.

To begin this project you should place the tree branches into the vase. You can arrange the tree branches in a manner that is appealing to you. You may need to cut the branches slightly to ensure that they fit into the vase.

Felt ball tree with real branches

Once the tree branches are arranged nicely you can start working on the balls.

In order to hang the  felt balls, you must first thread them onto the ornament hooks.

This can be slightly difficult, depending on how dense your balls are. You can try to push the ornament hook through the balls, however, if this does not work you may need to first make a hole with an embroidery needle.

Once you get the ornament hook through the ball, bend one side of the needle slightly at the bottom so that the ball cannot fall off. On the other side of the needle bend it like a traditional Christmas ornament into a hook so that you can hang the felt balls from the tree.

Once all of the balls are threaded onto the ornament hooks you can begin placing them onto the tree. Arrange them in any way that looks good to you. If you want to add more color to your home and the tree you may choose to use more balls than previously recommended. This tree will look great with any number of balls on it.

Felt ball tree to decorate your house

If you are decorating the centre of a table and using this tree as a centre piece you may choose to use a lot of balls.If you are using the tree in a bedroom to help make the area more serene you may only want to use about twenty balls. Decorate the tree based on your personal preference. This tree can be used all year round and can be moved around the home to add style to any area.

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