How to make Halloween felt balls Garland

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween decorations to make your home look more festive for the holiday? Oftentimes, it can be difficult to find Halloween decorations that fit the theme you are trying to achieve. Create your very own Halloween felt balls garland.

Many Halloween decorations are too scary or are too cheap to really offer any kind of excitement. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween decorations, you may want to consider making your own.

How to make Halloween felt balls garland

How to create Halloween felt ball garland

Halloween felt ball garland is one of the simplest, yet most festive, decorations that you can make on your own. There are ample ways to use felt, however, this is one of the best. Halloween garland made from felt allows you to combine any colors you want to make the perfect decoration for any part of the home.

What Materials Do You Need?

Halloween garland

To make the garland you will need about twenty 2 cm felt pom poms, twine, and an embroidery needle. The number of balls you will need and the amount of twine you will need depends greatly on how many pieces of grand you want to make and how long you want each strand to be.

Choosing The Perfect Color Scheme

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year because it allows people to dress up like anyone or anything in the world. You get to leave your hectic and ordinary life behind for a few hours and enter a world of mystery and surprise.

To help make your home feel like the mystery of Halloween, it is important to choose the right colors. Typically, the colors people think of when they think of Halloween include black and orange. To help add some neutral colors you may also want to use white.

The perfect color scheme for some garland may be to alternate orange, black, and white. Other great color schemes that seem to work really well and add a scarier side include using blacks, purples, whites and oranges. Adding some dark purple colors with a lot of blacks will help stir up the witch inside of people.

If you are looking to make some extremely scary and festive garland you may want to make your own felt balls. You can design your own felt balls to look like eyeballs or swirls. This can add some extra excitement and design style to any party or home.

How To Make The Garland?

Halloween felt balls garlnad for holidays

Once you have the colors picked out that you want to use you can begin making the garland.

The first step is to cut the twine about one foot longer that you want it to be at the end. For example, if you want the twine to be five feet you should cut it about six feet. At one end of the twine tie a small loop that you can use to hang it up. Then about six inches in from the loop tie a small knot. This knot will help keep the felt balls in place.

Halloween felt ball garland

After the knot is tied you can begin threading the balls onto the twine using the embroidery needle. It may be difficult to puncture the felt, but patience is key. After threading the first ball down to the knot you can tie another knot after the ball. This will keep the ball from sliding around. If you want the ball to have some movement you can tie the knot a few inches from the ball to allow for sliding.

Once the first ball is complete you can skip about four inches and tie another small knot. Then thread the second ball onto the twine and tie another knot. Continue this process until you have used all the balls.

After all the balls are on the twine you can tie another small loop at the end of the twine. You will use this loop to hang the other side of the garland. You may need to cut the extra twine from the garland at the very end.

Where To Hang  Halloween felt balls Garland?

Once you have finished making the garland, the only thing left to decide is where to hang it. If you are having a party you may want to hang the garland around the food tables so that everyone will be able to see and admire the amazing creations that you made.

Another great place to hand the garland is from the ceiling. If you have the time, you may want to make a twenty foot piece of garland that you can stretch across the ceiling. This will add some character to any room and help bring out the festive spirit.

If you do not have the time to make a long garland, you can simply hang the garland on a door, over a fireplace, or around a table. You can use the extra felt pieces to decorate the food tables and to add some excitement to any area that does not already have enough decorations.

 Hlloween Felt ball garland

This DIY project is the perfect project to get your children involved in if you have them. Children of all ages will enjoy the process of getting to make their own decorations that they can be proud of. Younger children will love getting to pick out the colors and choose the order of how they go. Older children will love helping with the entire process and getting to actually thread the felt onto the twine.

This can be a fun bonding experience for adults and children because it will get everyone excited for the holiday and give everyone something that they can be proud of in the end.

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