How to make a felt ball wreath by sewing method: The easy way

One of the most sought after trends in home decorations is a front door wreath. A front door wreath allows every homeowner the ability to decorate their front door for the season or the upcoming holiday. Let us make felt ball wreath by sewing method to decorate the home.Decorating your front door gives your home character and style and allows you to get in the festive spirit. felt balls wreath

How to make felt ball wreath by sewing method

One of the most common problems when looking for wreaths is that they are all too similar. Many wreaths are also too expensive. If you are looking for the best wreath that can represent your style and the season, you may want to consider making your own.

One of the best ways to make your own wreath is to use felt pom poms. These allow you to make a one of a kind wreath that truly gets your home in the festive spirit.It is a very affordable option for all homeowners because the materials are budget-friendly and you can create it yourself. You may also be able to make money by selling these wreaths overtime.

What Materials Do You Need To Make a Wreath?

To make a felt ball wreath you will need to have a lot of felt balls, scissors, a thread, a felted ring, and a ribbon. The size and colors of felt pieces is completely up to you.Typically, you will want to use about two hundred 2 cm felt pieces along with thirty 10 mm felt pieces. The difference in sizes allows you to add some texture to your wreath and to give it more style.You can also use a wreath interior of your choice, but the most common size is about twelve to fourteen inches in diameter.

Choosing the Right Colors for felt ball wreath

felt ball wreath by sewing method Before making a felt wreath you should decide what season or holiday you are making the wreath for. The season that you want a wreath for will affect the colors that you choose to use.You can have a look on different colored felt balls hereFor example, if you are making a fall wreath you will likely use more neutral colors and if you are making a summer wreath you will use brighter colors. The choice is completely up to you.

Try to layout the colors together on the table to ensure that they all match and work well together before starting the process. You may want to consider buying a large variety pack of balls so that you have a large assortment of colors to choose from.

Making a Felted Ring

This is the hardest and rare process but most rewarding if you do it right.You will need the following: -wool roving (fibers), metal ring -you can make it of thick wire, water and soap. Lay wool fibres flat on table and set the metal ring over it and start wrapping it with wool roving  

Move the ring around and continue working in more roving.

How to make felt ball wreath with your choice of colors

Use1.6 Oz(50ml)of liquid soap per 1 quart(1L)of warm water and start working soapy water into the ring making it fairly wet

Felt ball wreath made by sewn method

Now it is time to combine soap with water.

Wrap the ring with mesh cloth or bubble wrap and press firmly to bond fibers together.

How to make felt ball wreath

Now it is time to get rid of water and it is best to put it in the washing machine for spinning to dry the ring effectively. When you pull it out from washing machine make sure it dries out completely before proceeding with next step.

Making A Felt Wreath

Once your ribbon is cut you need to tie together the ends and sew on ends to the back of your wreath. Sew on hanging loop firmly and cut off the excess of ribbon if needed. You can pick out your favorite ribbon that matches the season, or just choose a plain and simple ribbon.Again, the choice is up to you. You can choose a ribbon that you have laying around your home or shop to find a ribbon that you want especially for the wreath.

When looking to attach the ribbon to the wreath for your door you will want to cut a ribbon that is about eight inches long.The length of the ribbon may vary depending on how you hang your wreath from your door. If you want the wreath in the center you may need a longer ribbon and if you want the wreath towards the top you may opt for a smaller ribbon.

Once the colors are all laid out you will want to start sewing the 2 cm balls around the wreath interior. It is highly recommended that you start in hanging loop section and just work your way around the wreath. Get the felt pom poms as close together as possible so that there is little of the wreath interior showing.

While you may think that you need to have order and organization, this is not necessary. The balls are too small and the wreath is too big for you to really try and design a pattern. Oftentimes, the best wreaths are the ones that were designed without any particular order in mind. The wonderful thing about making your own wreath is that they will never be identical to another wreath, even if you try.

how to make felt ball wreath

Since you want the wreath to hang flat against your door you will not need to spend time gluing the balls onto the back of the wreath. You should make sure that you fully cover the front and the sides as much as possible to prevent the interior wreath from showing.

Since all the white will not be fully covered after using the 2 cm felt pieces you will want to use the 10 mm felt pieces to cover up any extra white sections that you notice.

Even if you do not notice too much white, using these smaller pieces can help add some additional texture and design to your wreath. They can help break up the 2 cm balls and give it some added character.

Hanging Your Wreath

How to make felt ball wreath by sewing method


Take a walk outside and look at the amazing DIY creation that you just made. All of your neighbors, friends and family will be amazed at what you made and will be asking you to make them one as well.

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