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How are felt balls made: a tutorial

Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive way to make crafts that can add color and texture to any room of your home? If so, you should highly consider using wool felt balls. One of the hottest trends right now in DIY crafts is using wool felt balls. Learn how felt balls are made in this tutorial.

How to make felt balls at home

These felt balls can be used in a variety of different ways to make one of a kind crafts.While you can purchase these felt balls from any craft store, you can also make them at home. There are a few different methods that you can use to make these felt balls.

Using Felting Wool To Make Felt Balls

If you are looking to use felting wool to make felt balls you will first need to gather all necessary materials. You should get felting wool, about six cups of hot water, and about four tablespoons of dish detergent. You will also need a baking tray, sponge and a bowl.

felt balls

Mixing water and detergent

You should then add the water and dish detergent to a bowl and mix them together until the suds form. You can then use a small amount of wool and wrap ore wool tightly around the initial piece. You can keep adding layers of wool to the ball until it is about twice the size that you want it to become at the end.

How felt balls are made

Once the ball is twice the size you want you can soak the ball into the soapy water. Roll it in your hands and the water for a few minutes. You should soak the ball in the water and then take the ball out of the waters and roll the ball in your hands as you let the water drain out of it. You should then place the ball back into the water and then pick it up and drain the water out of the ball again as you roll the ball in the other direction.

Once you have repeated this process for about ten minutes or so you should wash the balls in cold, clean water. Then you can let the water drain out of the wool ball and then place the ball onto the baking tray. If you notice there is still a lot of water in the balls you can use a sponge to help soak out the water. Be careful not to press too hard on the balls because you want them to maintain their round shape. How to make felt balls

You will want to leave the balls on the baking tray, or some other flat surface, overnight. Letting them sit and dry overnight will help ensure that they dry properly and keep their desired shape.

Using Scraps of Yarn To Make Felt Balls


wool scrapes

If you want to make your own felt balls using the scraps of yarn that you have laying around your home you can also use this method to do so. Using scraps allows you to prevent waste and to use your creativity to make new DIY crafts. If you want to use your scraps you should first gather all of your materials. You will need scraps of yarn or other felt pieces, hot water, soap, a bowl and a baking tray.

Raw Material

You should combine the water and soap together in a bowl. Then, you should add the scraps of yarn or scraps of felt pieces to the soapy water. You should start by pulling apart the scraps. The water should make it a little easier to pull the fibers of the scraps apart. Once the scraps are pulled apart you can start the process of assembling the balls.

Making felt ball with scrapes

You should start by pulling together a small wad of wool scraps and then add more scraps around the balls. Wrap the scraps tightly around the ball and roll them. Your balls should be about twice the size that you want it to be at the very end. You can then add the wool pieces into the water and then pick them up and roll them tightly.You should continually roll the ball in the palm of your hands. Place the balls on baking sheet. Once you are happy with the ball you can place the ball on the baking sheet. You can use a sponge to soak up extra water if necessary. Allow the balls to dry overnight and check them in the morning.

Why Make Your Own Felt Balls?

If you are looking for a fun and new craft you can make your own felt balls. Making your own felt balls is an ideal way to use scraps and to help save money. Another main benefit of making your own felt balls, as opposed to purchasing them, is that you can make any color felt balls that you want.

You can combine different pieces of wool to the different felt pom poms. This gives you the ability to make tie-dye balls or even striped balls. The colors that you choose to use is completely up to you.


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